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Strong Beer in the Morning!!!

On a mini-being forced to stay here against my will- vacay in Montgomery, Al: I sit here watching my favorite local news, “blah blah… shooting, blah blah… car jacking, blah blah…fire”. Yet, in the midst of normal Gump-town tom foolery, they report about beer!  My ears perk up! When I lived here there was no such thing as draft beer, or beer on Sunday, yet alone strong beer! Finally, Montgomery is moving on up in the beer world! Probably so they can stay sauced enough to forget about all the shootings and fires!

From WSFA.com:

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – The Alabama House has lifted its glass to a bill that would allow stronger beer to be sold in Alabama.

The House voted 49-37 Tuesday to approve the bill that will allow some imported and gourmet beers with a higher alcohol content to be sold in Alabama.

Alabama law currently requires that beer sold in Alabama have an alcohol content no higher than 6 percent by volume.

The bill sponsored by Rep. Thomas Jackson of Thomasville would allow beer with an alcohol content up to 13.9 percent by volume.

The bill now goes to the Senate for debate.



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