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Remember This Madonna Pepsi Commercial?

I remember when I was a young lad, I knew that Madonna had signed a deal with Pepsi to the tune of $5 million or so. I was just really getting into her and remember the picture on the USA Today vividly. I was working at McDonald’s (I know, huh?) and a coworker brought it up to me as both myself and my friend Jill loved her. Fast forward a bit and this commercial came on and it was one of those, “Wait, what is…wait, is this?” kind of moments. The commercial then aired during The Cosby Show and I shortly switched over to MTV for the actual video for “Like A Prayer”, as it was being promoted in the commercial as well. Well, I’m glad I caught it because it barely aired after that, the commercial that is. 

I’m trying to find the commercial but in the meantime, see if this brings back any memories. You can also read an interesting article about why it was pulled after the actual video aired. 

It’s important to note that Madonna reportedly kept the $5 million, even though the campaign ended. Lucky girl eh?

Update: Ask and you shall receive, the full commercial after the jump.


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