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Guiltiest Pleasure of All…

It was way better in HD, but even still these kids just make me want to bust out The Carlton all over this traila’.


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Go Mikey Go!

Being only 2 degrees of separation from Selma, I fell almost like I’m part of the party.  I’m soooo excited to see that my boi Mikey Day has got him a fine piece of crazy both on and off the set of Kath & Kim (one of the most underrated shows currently on TV). 


More Pics – Just Jared

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Poor Brit Brit – Here Kitty Kitty

Her “pussy is hanging out” and she doesn’t sound too pleased about it. I find it most funny that you can’t hear her at all until she says those words. Maybe before each show she says to herself, “OK, the mic is there and it’s on in case you feel like singing. No pressure Brit, just do what you’re comfortable with. You are good, you ARE GOOD.”

She looks hot though and the show does look pretty cool. Still couldn’t bring myself to pay premium bucks for a real live music video. 

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