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Tuesday Musing…

While watching TV last night, a commercial caught my eye. You know, the Jenny Craig commercial with Valerie Bertinelli? 

When she said something to the effect, “I’ve tried every weight-loss plan out there and nothing worked”, I immediately thought, “Uh, what, you’ve tried everything but diet and exercise?” Is that mean?


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  1. My boo put me on Jenny Craig last year. Its a good program and I lost 120lbs with exercise.. HELLO! My boyfriend left me shortly after this and then I gained it all back. He be knocking at my door now. I ordered double the Jenny meals since they were supposed to be diet.

    Comment by Qualisha | March 10, 2009

  2. good lord no its not mean… its the truth! this is why i love you… which reminds me… gotta go to the gym

    Comment by lalaG | March 10, 2009

  3. Oh, that’s sweet of you to say. Good for you to hit the gym! I always say, I own what I do/eat and what I don’t do/eat. But hell, I’d try anything if I could get my meals delivered to me!

    Comment by aviewofthec | March 11, 2009

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