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A HOT Mess!!!

cumfaces_4Way better than smiling for the camera, East Village Boys contributor Stuart Sandford is gathering Kodak Moments for the sequel to his publication of Cumfaces.  It’s rather PG-13, so don’t get all right wing or nuthin’.

I Love Those Sheets!

Click here for more info, pics, or ways to participate.


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  1. Oh Lord. All these homosesual posts on here. I told my pastor down at Mt Olive MissionaryStyle Baptist that we need to pray for ya’ll. See the light.

    Comment by Qualisha | March 11, 2009

  2. Yet you keep coming back – Qualisha, might you be secretly interested in your sister Aquanet?

    Comment by aviewofthec | March 11, 2009

  3. I is very concerned about the level of racial sh&t and homo mess on your site. Yes, I keep coming back because I love ‘most’ of you stories and celebrity news. You have done did it now though by implying that my sister has ghetto name. Racist! I also noticed no story about that poor hood rat Rhianna. Black eye made her look like that dog from the little rascals.

    Comment by Qualisha | March 11, 2009

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