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Mandisa Returns – Hello? Anyone There?

Remember, Mandisa from American Idol Season 5? I remember that she was someone that the gays immediately were drawn to, big voice, big attitude, full of confidence. And you know, us gay boys have a thing for full-bodied sistas. Well, that feeling was fleeting as it often is when someone starts talking a bit too much God, the Holy Ghost, sinning, all that stuff. It scares us a bit because that has often been a belief system used to discriminate against us. Well, she got in some gay hot water when she hedged on some questioning during an article in The Advocate, where she talked about “the lifestyle”. 

Since that time, she has kind of clarified her position and says, “I think that we are called to love people that are different from us and that don’t agree with the things we agree with.” 

Um, well Mandisa – that doesn’t work for me. I don’t agree with you making love to cheeseburgers, or singing crappy Christian music but see, those things are a choice. I don’t choose a lifestyle of being gay. If you were to describe my lifestyle, here are some words that might come to mind: “boring”, calm, video-game playing, animal-loving, partner-supporting, upcoming straight cruise-taking, etc. A lifestyle might be to go out every night, wake up in an alley from drinking, dealing crack behind a dumpster downtown, turning tricks at the gym, etc. Lifestyle has nothing to do with my sexuality, it has to do with perceived morality, and my “lifestyle” is pretty much in line with any other married person that you might perceive as “normal”. Does that make sense Mandisa?

Oh yeah, Mandisa has a new album coming out – I can’t remember the name or date. Must be my lifestyle again, damn this lifestyle! I guess I should put down my glow sticks and stop listening to Judy Garland so I can remember such details.

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  1. Thank you!!! This is so right on and how I feel about her. I’ve been calling her a hypocrite for a long time and I’m glad you published what you did. Keep it up!


    Comment by DR | April 8, 2009

  2. Well thanks! I was really diggin’ her as any good gay would, but then I heard that and I snatched my loyalty right on back.

    Comment by aviewofthec | April 8, 2009

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