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Michael Phelps, Stop Apologizing!

I’m going to break this down simply by saying, “Stop apologizing!” I feel like he should simply say something to this effect: “While I don’t condone smoking weed because it’s not healthy and most importantly because it’s illegal, I am a human being and a young guy who occasionally likes to party. And while there are a lot of puritanical values forced upon me that declare my actions a disgrace, I would ask those people judging me to have real conversations with their children and instead of parking them in front of the tv, perhaps talk to them about the harmful effects of drugs. The only thing I truly regret is that some dumb shit pulled out his camera and if I see that kid, I’m going to beat his ass and I can assure you, there will be no cameras to capture that shit. And for you sponsors, people actually eat MORE of your food when they’re high, so do you really want to drop me as a sponsor? Yeah, I thought so.”

I am for hire if you need your PR speech written for you. Ha!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Click here to watch the vid, since it’s acting jankified.


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