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More Gays Kicked Out of the Army – WTF?

I found this little tidbit on Towleroad and it’s pretty perplexing, yet I’m not shocked. What does shock me is that our country is still doing this, it’s crazy to me! I’m good enough to pay taxes, pay for kids and education that I can’t necessarily have easy access to (the kids part), but yet I can’t serve my country if I want? Soooo messed up. 

Here’s a video of former Army Sergeant Darren Manzella’s message about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and information on the rally tomorrow, which will be held at the U.S. Capital at noon. 


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  1. Im holding a very special rally to show my support for all of these men who were kicked out of the armed forces due to this crazy law. For directions please contact the moderator of this site. I like to do what I can for troop morale.

    Comment by E | March 13, 2009

  2. Hi, my name is Chisholm, I am 22, a Combat Medic and I am gay..
    Sometimes I wonder, if you are gay does not mean you are sissy or girlly, you are just one hell of a normal person that serve and honor your county like others hetero member do..
    But Governments still give out plenty of reasons that Queer can’t join the army because we would lower the soldiers moral, and the hetero soldiers fell uncomfortable showering with us,(like they gonna ask) or what ever kind of reasons to keep us in F….
    As I wonder, I have serving in the military near 6year include my training process does that make any difference.. To those guy that serve along side with me, even my L,T know I am queer, but still I don’t see any problem..

    Comment by chisholm | April 3, 2009

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