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Whoopi Goldberg Rips Into Fashion Critics

Whoopi, I love you. But listen, this is what these people do – they judge on screen (or red carpet) fashion and you have to admit, you are very “un-TV”. If I show up for a job and I’m wearing super-duper-casual clothes, I might not be taken seriously. Do I hate that? Yes. But if you weren’t famous, it would be a real, albeit silly, issue.

Sorry Whoopi, can’t side with you this time.

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The Lance Bass Vacation Looks Like Fun!

Sign me up, screw this cruise stuff. Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Holland America ain’t got nothing on what this vacation looks like. If you notice, Lance still has his “Dancing With The Stars” body and that makes me wanna take up a dance class, or go on Survivor. Cause you know usually, you’d be like, “Don’t stand near me in this picture you hot asshole!” 

Anyway, check out the pics below and go here to see more – the pics are beautiful!



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Daily Tune-Up: BOOMERANG

Friday, March 20

Your consciousness and your thoughts determine what comes into your life. What you send out is what comes back. BOOMERANG!

We all have negative thoughts. And yet, it’s in our power to not let those thoughts dominate us.

Today, notice where your thoughts are.

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Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Problems

Neither a recession or depression are going to stop the home grown rapid refund tax commercials.  I need my monies in a hurry y’all; please help me decide if I should go to Mo’ Money -OR- Accelerated?

(fyi – monies is a word and I welcome a debate)

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The ‘Amazing Race’ Host Has Made It To His Next Pitstop, A Gym

This is one of those “who knew?” situations where you’re watching a tried-and-true beloved reality show and you can’t believe what you’ve just seen. It’s a pause-your-TiVo moment. 

Anyway, the contestants on The Amazing Race had to run a mile or so in the freezing cold, and to introduce the roadblock, our normally conservative host Phil showed us what he’s workin’ with. Not bad Phil, not bad at all! 

phil-keoghan-amazing-race1It’s like opening a Christmas gift! 

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Chet Is NOT Gay

He just likes to appreciate hot guys and their muscles, and tell them about it. Awkward!

We know that Scott has it going on, looks-wise. 

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