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From Greenpeace – Help Stop Global Warming


Greenpeace stop global warming!   



This is it. This is the defining moment you’ve been working toward – your chance to put a stop to the most catastrophic effects of global warming. This is the fight of our lives, and we have just a week to win it!

President Obama has just presented his budget to Congress, and it includes a very important cap on global warming emissions and a commitment to move America to a clean energy economy. By including action on the climate in his proposed budget, the President has clearly signaled that he intends to fight hard for a serious global warming bill this year. But he can’t win this fight on his own.

You know what this fight is for. Drought, floods, fires, and sea level rise will worsen significantly if we don’t take immediate action. Millions of lives could be at stake if we fail.

But as you’re reading this, powerful forces from the coal, oil and gas industries are working behind the scenes to make sure that Congress strips action on global warming out of the budget. They understand exactly what this will mean for their polluting industries. It’s a game changer. For the sake of our future and the planet, we can’t let them succeed.

TAKE ACTION >> Tell your members of Congress to pass a budget that includes limits on global warming pollution.

This is a historic opportunity. Congress will likely vote on this in the next week. Let’s make sure they follow Obama’s lead and do the right thing.  It’s up to all of us to act now

For our future,

Samantha Rodgers
Greenpeace Field Organizing Director

p.s. Please forward this to your friends and family and ask them to take urgent action, too!

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Finally, Some They Can Agree Upon!!!

“Hold Up, Wait A Minute,
Let Me Put Some Ram’s Blood In It!”

If Hogwartz wasn’t already going to get shut down by those crazy’s at Jesus Camp, I guess there will be a few more placards going up that identify the fictional series as culturally influencing and cancer-like, Jewish, propaganda. 

From one infidel to another, this is some oddly entertaining and ever so spooky shid making it’s way around the hearts, minds, and sleeper cells of our conglomerate olive tree gone astray…

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