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Whoo Whoo, Here Comes Courtney Love’s Crazy Train

Man oh man, TMZ just posted this story about how Courtney Love was apparently dealing with a little-known designer in Austin, Texas named Dawn Simorangkir when things suddenly started to go sour. At which time, Courtney allegedly unleashed her crazy rants for all the world to see, with a goal of ruining the woman’s livelihood. Now there’s a lawsuit and it’s all documented. 

I can’t even begin to do the documents justice with my paraphrasing, so you’ll just have to look. This one’s a doozy folks!

Go here to see the train wreck and below is a picture that might very well give you nightmares. Thank me later.


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Two Gay Guys Walk Into A Sports Bar…And Shopping While Black

ABC News tested Americans’ increasing open-mindedness, they staged a verbal gay-bashing scenario at a local sports bar in Linden, N.J. Check it out below, it’s pretty fascinating really. 

Check out this one on racism after the jump. Continue reading

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A $.75 BJ Can Get You 90 Days

car-wash-vacIf you feel amorous towards the local carwash vacuum, it could be a cheap thrill – if you don’t get caught that is.

Do you remember that story of a man who tried to do just that, but then got arrested for penetrating an inanimate object? OK, I jest, but he was arrested for indecent exposure and was just sentenced to 90 days in jail. I wonder what he’ll feel like with someone putting tender in his coin slot. Yeah, that was a groaner – it’s early.

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iPhone Is The New Booty Call

booty-callWell, not for me because the last thing I want is the ability to be leaving a laundromatwith a thought of ‘Hmmm what should I do now?’ followed by my iPhone app giving my proximity to some skeezer in the apartment building across the street.  However, I do know a few people who are on their way to the AT&T kiosk ’round the corner to one up.  As if I really needed another reason to think my phone is a germ metropolis – thanks MENSA guys!

The iPhone is a hotbed for location-based social networks, which tap into the phone’s geolocation features to help users find nearby friends and strangers that they might like to meet. We’ve seen a handful of dating applications that cater to the straight community, and today brings the launch of Grindr (iTunes Link), one of the first iPhone applications geared towards gay and bisexual men.

While privacy is an issue for all location based social networks, it is of the utmost importance on gay networks. Without proper security measures, bigots could easily download such applications and use them to pinpoint targets for hateful slurs and potentially even violence. Grindr deals with these issues by obscuring a user’s absolute location by default. Rather than plotting each user on the map. Grindr displays how far away they are (distances can range from a few feet to miles away).   READ MORE HERE

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