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Daily Tune-Up: A Joyful Heart

tuneupdaily6Friday, March 27

Certain things are simply not possible. It is impossible for Light and darkness to coexist in the same space. And it is impossible for a person whose soul is filled with joy to experience hatred in any form. When you hate anyone or anything, there is a dark space in your heart.

When you feel the cold grip of hatred closing in on you today, remember what I wrote. When you take this teaching to heart, hatred is an impossibility for you, just as surely as a brightly lit room can’t also be dark.

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‘Dancing With The Stars’ Pays Pretty Well

Have you ever wondered how much the “celebrities” receive by appearing on shows such as “Dancing With The Stars”? Well, due to the fact that Shawn Johnson is a minor, the contract was unearthed and it details the amount of money they get for being on the show. I would imagine the salaries vary slightly depending on their star wattage, or maybe it’s just a standard rate. Here are some highlights and if you check out the documents, you can see all of the details. One more of my lifelong questions answered. 

  • Under the contract, Shawn gets a guarantee of $125,000 for appearing on the show. By surviving the first elimination, she gets an additional$10,000 a week for weeks 3 and 4. 
  • If Shawn survives the next eliminations, the rate doubles to $20,000 a week for weeks 5, 6 and 7. For weeks 8 and 9 she scores $30,000 a week. 
  • And here’s where it really gets sweet. In weeks 10 and 11, if Shawn makes it through, she gets $50,000 a week.
  • Total take if Shawn makes it to the final 2 — $365,000.

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Vintage Madonna Friday

Check out the kids getting out of the wood-paneled station wagon, ah, those were the days. 

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Padma Turns It On For HARDee’s

Padma Lakshmi makes a nasty, greasy-wrapped bacon burger look sexy as hell, and I have to applaud the video editing for making that happen. And of course, Padma herself, MMMM MMM good. 

Whereas she looks sexy eating it, this is what I look like eating that kind of nastiness. 

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