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Julia Roberts Is A Potty-Mouth, And I Love It!

While honoring Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts let off a barage of words containing my favorite swear word, FUCK. 

Enjoy the video here. Pretty woman indeed. 

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Gavin Rossdale Releases New Video – Millions Swoon

“Forever May You Run” is the latest video release from Gavin Rossdale, no longer just Mr. Gwen Stefani, not that he ever should have been – Bush was awesome. And that’s the only time you’ll hear me (or see me type) the words ‘Bush’ and ‘Awesome’ in the same sentence. (video source)

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Dear Zac Efron…

Please do this more, you look very very good this way. 

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Seattle’s Light Rail Has a Date!

From the Sound Transit site

Sound Transit Board Chair and Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels today announced a start date of Saturday, July 18 for Link light rail service — 89 days and counting!

The launch will begin a new era for public transportation in the Puget Sound region, with work underway to expand the first 15 miles of light rail service to a 55-mile regional system over the next decade and a half.

“We are counting down to a milestone. On July 18, we will make history,” said Nickels. “We invite the entire community to come out and take a test ride, and enjoy a system that will grow north, south and east. Light rail will transform how we travel, how we grow and how we live.”

July’s on-schedule, on-budget light rail opening will launch service between downtown Seattle and Tukwila. The line includes stops in Downtown Seattle, SODO, Beacon Hill, Rainier Valley neighborhoods and Tukwila (see attached map and travel times).

Frequent bus connector service will carry light rail passengers between Tukwila and Sea-Tac International Airport starting Monday, July 20 until the opening of direct airport service in December.

Rides will be free opening weekend. Sound Transit will announce detailed opening celebration plans in the coming weeks. Information will be posted at http://www.soundtransit.org/linklaunch.

Beginning Monday, July 20, Link trains will run from 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. Monday through Saturday and 6 a.m. to midnight on Sundays.

The maximum adult fare, to ride from Westlake Station in downtown Seattle to the airport, will be $2.50, the same as a bus ride. Youth base fares will start at $1.25 and have a maximum fare of $2.00 and Senior/disabled fares will start at  $.75 and have a maximum fare of $1.25 under the adopted structure.

Construction of light rail between downtown and the University of Washington is underway, with a scheduled opening in 2016. With the passage of the Sound Transit 2 ballot measure in November 2008. light rail is scheduled to reach all the way to Lynnwood, Redmond’s Overlake area and the Star Lake/Redondo area near Federal Way by 2023.

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“What What In The Butt” Done Israeli-Army Style

From Towleroad: An Israeli soldier “and his gay crew” made their own version of this and this. Should definitely keep Pat Robertson up at night.

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Johnny Weir Has A “Poker Face”

Well, he might also have just a teensie bit of the gay face too, but that’s ok – he’s pretty adorable. Here he is skating to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” with a whole lot of sparkle going on. In fact, I think I got some of his sparkle on me just typing this. 

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Celebrity Apprentice – This Is Why I Love Joan Rivers

SPOILER ALERT: I don’t understand Donald Trump. First he fires Khloe Kardashian because she had a DUI that she was working through, and now he makes another terrible decision. I don’t understand it, if people can only win because they know the most celebrities and can bring in the most cash, even if it is for charity, then why even do the other tasks? It just doesn’t make any sense. 

Watch the video below and you might be able to add some words to your “I’m livid and I’m going to call you names” database of words. 

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Britain Has Even MORE Talent

Check out this little girl. First Susan Boyle, and now on the other end of the age spectrum, this girl. 

Watch here

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Bye Bye Pontiac

General Motors announced plans to cut 23,000 U.S. jobs by 2011, drop its storied Pontiac brand and slash 40% of its dealer network in its latest bid to stay out of bankruptcy.


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People Are ‘Obsessed’ With Beyonce

Good for you girl! The movie might have sucked (based on reviews) but the public loves you, congrats. 

From EW: What looked like a fair fight between four strong contenders for number one this weekend ended up a lopsided bruising by the Beyoncé Knowles thriller Obsessed, which raked in an estimated $28.5 million and left the competition behind in a bloody heap. (Hold on, Box Office fans, the over-the-top brawling metaphors just get worse from here.) Despite a widespread critical drubbing (Metacritic smacked it with a 22 score),Obsessed clearly tapped into a female-driven audience bloodlusting for some schlocky, catfighting fun with its story of a woman (Knowles) battling to keep a mentally unhinged secretary (Ali Larter) from stealing her husband (Idris Elba). Knowles’ full-court media press last week certainly didn’t hurt either: Nearly doubling many prognosticator’s estimates (including that of EW’s own Joshua Rich), Knowles pulled in her biggest three-day opening since 2002’s Austin Powers in Goldmember and can officially cross off “become a bona fide movie star” on her list of Things I Need To Do To Dominate The World.

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Rosie Sings “Maude” To Bea Arthur

So sweet, made me a little melancholy. From The Rosie O’Donnell Show

Bea, we will miss you. 

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Star Therapy: Beyonce & Rihanna

They so silly; LaLa G this is for you!

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I Luv Jamie Palomino!

ryan-reynolds-jfUh not really, but I’m sure glad I watched this Anna Faris clip. 


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Seattle Is Getting A Waterfront Tunnel


After more than eight years of debate state lawmakers Friday evening signed off on a replacement for the Alaskan Way Viaduct – a deep-bored tunnel.

The Senate voted 39-9 to accept a controversial House amendment that would require Seattle taxpayers to cover cost ovverruns on the project. Senate Bill 5768 now goes to Gov. Chris Gregoire.

“…a tunnel allowed for a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to remake the city’s waterfront by reconnecting the downtown to the water. More practically, they argued the technology is such that a tunnel could be built without tearing down the existing structure during construction, which would ease traffic and disruption concerns of businesss and commuters. The tunnel will be four lanes, double-decker.”

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Daily Tune-Up: Burn The Paper

tuneupdaily8Friday, April 24 (yeah, it’s yesterday’s)

Here is a technique for banishing fear that comes from a great kabbalist who lived during the 16th century, Rav Isac Luria (The Ari, the Holy Lion.)

Light a candle and sit down with a pencil and a small piece of paper. Write down your fear on the paper, and meditate upon it. Summon forth the feelings and symptoms associated with the fear. Then write down all the emotions and feelings that this fear causes you. Acknowledge to yourself that your own reactive nature, from this life or a past life, is responsible for the manifestation of this fear.

Now take the paper and burn it!

Find time to do this today. Many people get great relief from this simple technique.

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