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Daily Tune-Up: The Proactive Formula



Monday, April 6 (Yes, I’m behind)

I want to share with you a useful way to deal with any challenge you may face in your life:

The Proactive Formula

  1. an obstacle occurs
  2. realize your reaction is the real enemy
  3. shut down your reactive system and invite the Light in
  4. effectively express your proactive nature

Use this three times today. Yes, it’s work. But it works.

(These emails come from here and you can learn much more by heading to the site.)

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  1. I’m in my fourth Kabbalah lesson. We just covered The Proactive Formula and I would like to make sure I understand it correctly.
    We have a card with the same The Proactive Formula as above. In addition we were given the following:
    1. When a difficult situation arises, acknowledge that it is from the light
    2. Identify your reaction
    3. Restrict, stop reacting, allow the light to come in
    4. Now deal with the situation

    My understanding in other words is:
    1. Just be aware that I have a difficult situation and that it come from the light within me.
    2. I have to be careful with my reaction, because a bad reaction is the real enemy.
    3. Do not react at all , instead invite the light to come in.
    4. Develop a positive solution

    Thank you for your cooperation in this matter

    561 404 5233

    Comment by Wilson Saavedra | June 26, 2009

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