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Kelly vs. Bethenny: Round 1

Watch this, it’s quite remarkable. Who do you think won this little battle between Kelly and Bethenny? Watch it at right around the 30 minute mark. 

I had some trouble posting the video, so click here to see it without compromise. 

Here are a few words that Bethenny has about the incident, published on her BravoTV blog

Kelly came onto the show thinking anyone actually gave a crap about her self-anointed fabulosity. Truthfully, none of us care about her superficial lifestyle, so I think my calling her out is something that caught her off guard. Truthfully, she never had anything against me. I had something against her. She is a complete phony and now she has been exposed and her small circle of New York supporters have now turned on her as well. The emperor has no clothes.

I may be harsh, abrupt and rough around the edges, but for God’s sake, I am real.

Kelly’s “journalistic” vocabulary consists of 2 words: foil and inappropriate. Maybe next week she’ll find some new words. I found it amusing that she told me I needed a “time out” and some parenting. I’ve gone 38 years with no parents, and if I decide to adopt some, Kelly isn’t on the candidate list. Jill and Bobby could be my adopted parents. Hell, I’ll adopt Silex before the Kellamity.

I will never be friends with someone inauthentic and disingenuous. I may be harsh, abrupt and rough around the edges, but for God’s sake, I am real. I don’t care how many “Datelineexclusive” sit down interviews you have with Jill Stuart – your saccharin- twirled-hair smile isn’t fooling me.

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