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Watching A Robbery In Your House From Web Cam – Can You Imagine?

How terrifying (yet maybe somewhat satisfying) that you were able to stop such a thing? But I know that most people feel incredibly violated by such a horrific event, and I’m not sure if such imagery helps or hurts your long-term mental health.

On a semi-funny note, see how the cat(s) are just like, “Hey, what’s going on? How you doing? Get out of my damn way humans!” Hell, my animals would probably let them in and lick them while they’re stealing my Wii games. 

Check the video here

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Top 60 Ghetto Names

I’m not sure they’re “ghetto” but I do love them – all of them! I could use to know more people with these names, cause I love me some sistas!

Thanks Craig for this link.

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iTunes Variable Pricing

If you haven’t noticed, the major players in the online music industry have implemented variable pricing. The more popular a song, the more it costs. 

I wonder how much a Samantha Fox song would cost cause you know, naughty girls need love too.

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Bugsy The Bulldog + Orphaned Orangutan = ADORABLE

Check it out, the story’s told in the video. Just so sweet.

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Dora the Explorer — a Whore-a?


OK, sit down and hang on to your backpacks, there’s big news: Dora the Explorer is growing up. And it’s freaking parents out.

Mattel has recently announced that its popular, pint-sized commercial juggernaut will soon debut as an older tween version of the chubby cutie that children and parents have grown to adore-a. And even though Mattel has only released a teaser image in silhouette, parents fear that the shapely shadow suggests well, a real tease.

Truth is, until we can all get a good look at Dora’s new um, developments, this could be much ado about nothing. I mean, I didn’t see a stripper pole in silhouette, so that’s encouraging. But what the news of this makeover does tap into is an unsettling truth: the loss of innocence can sometimes throw us into shock. In the big book of life, Childhood — that time of wide-eyed naivete and unfiltered joy — is a chapter that is becoming slimmer and slimmer. About as slim as the new hips that Dora has grown into.

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David Alan Grier Is Now Neither Dancing Nor A Star

David Alan Grier, I think you might need to check yourself. You’re on a show to be judged and that’s the nature of that beast. After the jump, check out his kind words for his judges on “Dancing With The Stars” – bitterness is not particularly becoming.  Continue reading

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