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Free Vet Care In Spokane,WA – Truly Inspiring

What an amazing act of kindness on her part because you know, animals don’t have a choice in this economy, they don’t have any options but to be at the mercy of their owners. I applaud both the vet AND the pet owners for being committed to getting their animals the proper healthcare. I want to find out what Vet Clinic Dr. Tucker runs so I can post a link, does anyone know? 

Doctor Cathy Tucker spends her Wednesday’s at the Mission Free Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Tucker and four volunteers look over pets in the one-room clinic, providing care for pet owners who can’t always afford it.

“It’s close quarters but it works,” said Dr. Tucker.

They don’t have much to work with but every week, they manage to squeeze in 15 patients. Pet owners wait anxiously outside hoping to get an appointment.

“We got here an hour-and-a-half early and they were already lined up,” said one customer who identified himself as “David”.

The Mission Free Veterinary Clinic offers basic vaccinations, neutering of male cats, and treatment of minor infections and wounds.

“This clinic is very important because she helps you for a very low cost or for free,” said Penny Chenoweth about Dr. Tucker and the clinic.

Watch the video here, and here is yet another video.


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  1. My dog is sick. He has been throwing up and shitting liquids. He’s been sleeping almost all day. What do I do?

    Comment by Alisha | January 20, 2011

  2. Where is this message going?

    Comment by David Olinger | July 26, 2011

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