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Watch This – You Must

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Bruno International Trailer

This was put up a while ago, but it’s my first chance seeing it. And it’s gonna be FUNNY AS HELL.

Take a look.

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11 Year Old Boy Kills Himself From Taunting – Sadness

Found this over at Fresh Hotness (NSFW): Pretty sad stuff here, an 11-year old boy was taunted so badly at school that he ended up killing himself. And it seems much, if not all, of the taunting was because he was effeminate and perceived gay. 

Truly sad. 

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Anderson Cooper Has A Great Sense Of Humor

At least when I’ve seen him on talk shows, he’s pretty outspoken and I love it. Well, here the words “Tea Bagging” get tossed around and you have to know where this one could go. I love the dude on the left, he’s laughing right away, cause you know he loves to do it! Don’t we all?

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Funny Wednesday Pictures

Just got some funny pictures that I thought I would post – thanks EC for the pics!

they-see-me-rolling  gay-test

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New “Inglorious Basterds” Footage

Last night on American Idol, director Quentin Tarantino made a special guest mentor appearance and debuted a sneak preview of never-seen-before footage from his upcoming movie, Inglorious Basterds.

Below is the entire clip that was too hot to air during primetime TV! Inglorious Basterds stars Brad Pitt and Diane Kruger and will hit theatres on Friday, August 21.

For future updates on the movie, visit InglouriousBasterds-Movie.com.


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Daily Tune-Up: For Permanent Results


Wednesday, April 15

You’re stressed. The pressure has been building up for some time now. People avoid you for fear that you will bite them. What will it be? A valium? A temper tantrum?  A little depression?

Forget the temporary solutions.

For results that are permanent, understand that the pressure is the Light coming through – trying to at least.  There is something good waiting for you.  You just need to trust that there is a force steering you towards what’s best, and to surrender to it.

(And try smiling today too – it helps.)

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Bethenny Frankel’s Dating Tips For 2009

On the Real Housewives of NYC, my favorite Bethenny came up with some new dating tips after realizing that while Ramona’s were sound, but perhaps in a different era. On her blog, she wrote a lot but I thought it would be helpful to share this excerpt for you here.

1) No textual relationships.
Once you’ve launched a relationship, it’s fine, but tell a guy you’re not a textual person and they’ll finally call.

2) Think of your vagina as a vase.
Even if they do die, flowers should be sent when courting.

3) Spend weekends and holidays together.
If you’re not spending weekends and holidays together, he’s not your boyfriend.

4) Let the man be the man.
He chooses the restaurant, he absolutely should pick you up for a date and no matter how far out of his way, he must drop you off.

5) Easy on the booze.
Don’t get wasted on the first date, or your promiscuous side will come right out and you’ll end it before it begins.

6) It always ends up the way it starts.
Remember the first phone call, date, the way he treats you because things always come full circle and don’t waste time.

Check out her blog, it’s always a good read.

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