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11 Year Old Boy Kills Himself From Taunting – Sadness

Found this over at Fresh Hotness (NSFW): Pretty sad stuff here, an 11-year old boy was taunted so badly at school that he ended up killing himself. And it seems much, if not all, of the taunting was because he was effeminate and perceived gay. 

Truly sad. 

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  1. I feel as if sexual preference slurs are just as serious as racial slurs. There is no reason that these slurs should be over looked by any school or person. I feel as if no child should have to deal with the bullying this young boy did. He was only eleven years old and clearly did not know how to handle the situation. I think that if parents were to teach their children that homosexuality is acceptable children would be more understanding and not throw the word gay or queer around as much as they do. Providing children with this knowledge will help them to not insult peers or understand why some peers may be “different” in one way or another. Education in my personal opinion is the key to preventing situations like this from happening.

    Comment by Chynna | April 23, 2009

  2. Bullying is a nationwide problem and it is sad to see someone so young end their life due to the actions of others. Suicide is sometimes looked at as weak or cowardly but when a child goes everyday of his or her life being made fun of it may seem like the only way for it to stop. As a child I too went through depression because of others making fun of me and once considered this horrible alternative. People should realize that this is an issue that needs to be addressed. Schools and other organizations can try to prevent bullying from occurring but the only way to end this growing problem is in the homes of children. Good parenting teaches children that it is not o.k. to call a classmate “gay or queer.” At such an adolescent age children don’t realize the consequences their words on others. It’s such a sad thing when I witness these kinds of things and bullying needs to stop now.

    Comment by Chris Lane | April 26, 2009

  3. I feel so sad after watching this video. I recently wrote a paper dealing with hate crimes against homosexuals. I had discovered that 92% of homosexuals have received some sort of verbal abuse and 25% have received physical abuse. This video shows how much hate against homosexuals is such a problem and it is increasing. Being only eleven years old and already dealing with the hate is absolutely unacceptable and very disheartening. The anti-bullying rules in the schools need to be enforced completely. The student needs to be told that if they are being bullied or called names, then they need to tell an administrator immediately no matter what. A child so young, and had not even announced his sexuality, should never have to go through what that child went through ever.

    Comment by Breanna Schlage | April 26, 2009

  4. I once saw this short film named Trevor, which dealt with the same problems that this poor kid had to deal with. The film was shown on Hbo before homosexuality was common to seen on television. It was a funny short film but also made you think about the trouble, mentally, that a kid who is homosexual must deal with from his peers. The child in the video could not have been gay but he still dealt with the depression that comes with being so strongly teased. Even if parents do teach children that is not okay to say rude comments or make fun, children will somethings follow the bad seed and make fun, knowing it is wrong. So looking at what might be outdated or unenforced anti bully rules should be a concern for all schools, cause this is a sad reality.

    Comment by Gabriel Orellana | April 27, 2009

  5. This is so sad. I cant beleive that this kind of behavior happened in an elementary school. Already these kids are learning that being gay is a bad thing and that kids that are gay should be teased. That is an awful thing to teach your children. Teaching them to be bullies to anyone that is not straight or anyone who is different than them in any way. I really did not expect this to be coming from elementary shcool kids. Of course I understand that it happens all over the world, but these children are too young to even understand what being gay means and they are making fun of other kids for it already. We already have enough people that are not for gay marriage, but now they are teaching their kids to be the same way. People are so closeminded that they dont want their kids to even understand what it is about they just want them to automatically be against it just because they are. It is so sad to see.

    Comment by Melinda | April 27, 2009

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