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Funny Or Die Lindsay, Mommy Made Me Do It

I first need to say that I’m trying to be positive and not take a negative spin on a lot of these articles I read. This is because, 1) I don’t know these celebs, 2) I find it to be damaging to myself on a spiritual level, and 3) I don’t find it particularly clever to just be mean about people on a daily basis. I’ll leave that to the sites that actually make money slinging the mud, although Dlisted is funny as hell – at least he’s clever and witty. 

Anyway, I posted the Funny or Die video of Lindsay’s eHarmony profile, and I thought it was actually pretty funny and part of a clever image overhaul. Having said that, a video alone won’t begin to turn her life around, and I really wish she would go to Dr. Drew. Why him? I have no idea, he just seems to be really good at helping these celebs. But here’s what I just read that Dina (her madre) said about the Funny or Die video:

“The hype is ridiculous so we decided to kind of make fun of it. I said ‘Lindsay let’s just do funnyordie.com and just kind of make fun of it all.’ It’s really gotten out of hand, the rumors and everything that they’re saying about myself and my children.”

OK, that’s one approach. Another approach could be to encourage her to get into counseling, stop going the fuck out with her, and stop talking to the press about your daughter – I guess in short, parent the fucking girl! That got me a little worked up, time for some Starbucks meditation.

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