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Getting Your Home Saved Is Not Easy

Check out the video and a portion of the story below:

Megan Cavallari looks up from her stack of hundreds of faxes and documents, proof of her efforts to try to save her home from foreclosure. She’s been on hold for over an hour, trying to get details for a loan modification.

Finally, she’s transferred to another line. But she doesn’t get a human. Exasperated, she sighs. Once again, it’s the “automated lady.”

“Every report says the banks are helping, and everything on the radio says they’re helping,” Cavallari said. “You call and call and call; you’re not getting a voice. You’re getting a recording.”

The hardest part about this is that foreclosures are still proceeding forward, even as people are trying to work through the process of saving their homes. Maybe this is an area of opportunity, halt the foreclosures until the homeowners have participated in a mandatory counseling session, driven by the lenders – put the responsibility on the lenders to make documented attempts at reaching the homeowners. I’m not sure how homes in foreclosure will help the economy, the banks, the individuals, etc. Just think, once the homeowners have a foreclosed home on their credit, do you think they’ll be buying a home anytime soon? Do you think they can get financing? And when they can’t, home sales will drop and guess what, we’re back in the dump. Foreclosures have to stop, they just gotta.

This is my completely underqualified opinion, but sometimes simple ideas are a good jumping off point right?

Having said all that, click here to see how the government is trying to help. 


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