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Novak Djokovic In Playgirl?

OK, let’s be honest: I have no idea who he is. I know he plays tennis and I’m sure I could learn a bunch about him if I wanted. But what I do know is that I’m fully supportive of his decision to pose in Playgirl. Anyone agree?

novak-djokovicSee more evidence here


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Joe Solmonese and Pat Buchanan Discuss Marriage Equality

You gotta give it a look here.

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David Beckham’s “Aura” Is Pure Sizzle

Here’s David Beckham’s new Motorola Aura ad, it’s a little bit cyborg and a whole lot of sexy. Enjoy.

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Heidi Montag,This Song Isn’t Half Bad

Heidi Montag has released another song, and this one is called “Black Out”. Apparently it was co-written by Cathy Dennis, remember “C’Mon And Get My Love“? Now that was a hot song for the time, and I still dig it. 

Anyway, I gotta say it’s pretty catchy and you know, at least she’s trying! Yes, her man plays a total douche on TV which makes her seem like a dumb bitch, but those are just characters. (I hope)

So I say, good for you Heidi! 

Listen to “Black Out” after the jump. Continue reading

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Britney’s “Womanizer” Gets The Sign-Language Treatment

I saw this a while ago, but my friend Jill sent it to me again today – and previously, I looked at it as just another parody, remake, etc. But I watched it again today and I have to say, the guy’s adorable and it’s just overall pretty damned good. So, feast your eyes and enjoy the song again.

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I Love The “GOOP”

I’m not sure why people are hatin’ on Gwyneth Paltrow because she has started a newsletter to try to share what she is learning with other people. Is it because she comes across as sort of “better-than” or because she has a certain presence about her that is strong and confident? I’m not sure, but it’s somewhat perplexing. I also think that this particular newsletter is appropriate for what I just mentioned. 

Take away the salacious aspect of it, the is this about Winona piece of it, and you’ll get what I believe are really sound words. When this ran, people just dissed Gwyneth left and right, and why? Because she’s trying to help us all be better versions of ourselves? And what is it that these naysayers are doing to better the world? What is it in themselves that causes them to want to knock her down a peg or two? Try reading Dr. Drew’s book, “The Mirror Effect” and you just might have the answer. But without further ado, here’s part of the latest GOOP release and try to read between the lines.  Thanks to lalaG for sending this along. 

Back in the day, I had a “frenemy” who, as it turned out, was pretty hell-bent on taking me down. This person really did what they could to hurt me. I was deeply upset, I was angry, I was all of those things you feel when you find out that someone you thought you liked was venomous and dangerous. I restrained myself from fighting back. I tried to take the high road. But one day I heard that something unfortunate and humiliating had happened to this person. And my reaction was deep relief and…happiness. There went the high road. So, why does it feel so good to hear something bad about someone you don’t like? Or someone you DO like? Or someone you don’t KNOW? I once asked the editor of a tabloid newspaper why all of the stories about a famous British couple had a negative bent. He said that when the headline was positive, the paper didn’t sell. Why is that? What’s wrong with us? I asked the sages to shed a little light.

Here’s to washing our mouths out with soap…


--- Gwyneth Paltrow

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The Colbert Coalition’s Anti-Gay Marriage Ad

As always, Colbert gets his point across in a hysterical way. Thanks Mr. Colbert.

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more about “The Colbert Coalition’s Anti-Gay Marr…“, posted with vodpod

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Peoria Bar Makes A Big Mistake, Big, HUGE

elbo-room-barNot a great business decision to exclude the gays from your place, especially since they’ve apparently been frequenting it for years and probably provided you the money to buy that Chevette you’ve always dreamt of. 

This bar in Peoria called “The Elbo Room” made the mistake of putting this sign up and faster than you can count to 10, the gays mobilized and scared the bejesus out of him. And for that, I applaud them. It reminds me of this, at the 3:30 mark. 

Check out the full article here

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Tori Spelling’s “Mommywood” Is a Good Read

tori-spelling1Yes, I admit it – I saw Miss Tori staring at me from the shelf in Target and since I had a gift card I thought, “Hey, why not? I liked the first one.” So I picked it up and read it nearly cover to cover in one sitting, but I also have to admit that I skimmed a decent amount because it was a lot of the same song and dance about how she was like us, she’s riddled with insecurity from her mother, she thinks way too much, loves her kids, with little comical anecdotes thrown in to make it interesting. She is very likable and ultimately, the “view from the inside” is always fascinating. 

I do worry that she is so intent on being “normal” and assimilating with us common folk that she never really focuses on who she actually is, or perhaps what she really is is just a product of the people, the weeklies, etc. What I do know is that she can turn in a pretty good comic turn when necessary, à la Trick, House of Yes, etc. 

So here’s my advice to Tori: Stop caring about the weeklies, stop caring about family legacy, and just let go of it all and focus on good work. Remember Jessica Simpson and her schtick? Yeah, it didn’t work for that long did it? Self-deprecation is a good start to undoing perceptions, but as Miss Tyra says, if you don’t believe in you, we won’t believe in you. 

P.S. Maybe you could also not wear halter tops – thanks!

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