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Tori Spelling’s “Mommywood” Is a Good Read

tori-spelling1Yes, I admit it – I saw Miss Tori staring at me from the shelf in Target and since I had a gift card I thought, “Hey, why not? I liked the first one.” So I picked it up and read it nearly cover to cover in one sitting, but I also have to admit that I skimmed a decent amount because it was a lot of the same song and dance about how she was like us, she’s riddled with insecurity from her mother, she thinks way too much, loves her kids, with little comical anecdotes thrown in to make it interesting. She is very likable and ultimately, the “view from the inside” is always fascinating. 

I do worry that she is so intent on being “normal” and assimilating with us common folk that she never really focuses on who she actually is, or perhaps what she really is is just a product of the people, the weeklies, etc. What I do know is that she can turn in a pretty good comic turn when necessary, à la Trick, House of Yes, etc. 

So here’s my advice to Tori: Stop caring about the weeklies, stop caring about family legacy, and just let go of it all and focus on good work. Remember Jessica Simpson and her schtick? Yeah, it didn’t work for that long did it? Self-deprecation is a good start to undoing perceptions, but as Miss Tyra says, if you don’t believe in you, we won’t believe in you. 

P.S. Maybe you could also not wear halter tops – thanks!

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