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Outsmart “The Man” And Keep Playin’ At Work

You know those situations where your boss walks up and oops, you’re on a web page you shouldn’t be on. Now, I’m not talking porn and stuff, I’m talking about reading your Twitter messages, checking out sports stores, reading your favorite rag site. No matter how hard you try, there’s no way to minimize the discomfort you feel from feeling like you’ve been caught red-handed. 

Now you might have some options. I read this article that provide people with the latest options in stealthily playing while in the workplace, and check out the one below. Be sure to check out the rest, there are some good ideas!

1-cup-1-coffee1cup1coffee 1cup1coffee looks like a Windows Explorer pane (so don’t use it on a Mac), but all those Word documents and Powerpoint presentations are actually a collection of Flash games. Simply click on one of the “files” and you can play a game in what looks like your Windows Explorer window. If you hear your boss, you can hit the back button and you’ll be brought back to the file listing.


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