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Another “Gathering Storm” Parody – LOL!

A star-studded cast turns out for Marc Shaiman…after the jump. If the video doesn’t load right, check it here. Continue reading

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Daily Tune-Up: Love In Return

tuneupdaily6Tuesday, April 21

” … an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth … ” – Exodus 

As an alternative to the conventional interpretation of retributive justice, The Zohar teaches that this famous biblical line is instructing us how energy works, ie., what you give is what you get.

Today, give Light and you’ll get Light. Or not. But know in advance that if you give pessimism, anger, hostility, and resentment, you’re certainly not going to get love and laughter in return.

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Listen To This: Asher Roth

asher-roth-toiletAs Entertainment Weekly says, “What if Eminem pursued a degree in elementary education, popped his collar, and liked his parents?”

His new release, Asleep In The Bread Aisle, dropped yesterday and I’m listening to it right now, giving it a go – he’s very Eminem isn’t he? I guess it’s just more in his wordplay. 

The jury’s out, but the rest of the disc is better than his “I Love College” song.

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A Hot Nike “Free” Ad

Free indeed, free of body fat and free of the confines that clothing provides. I like. 

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Sweden’s Got Talent – Oh Yes They Do!

Four hot guys, nothing but a plate covering them. Now that’s some pure talent to me! 

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