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Star Therapy: Beyonce & Rihanna

They so silly; LaLa G this is for you!

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I Luv Jamie Palomino!

ryan-reynolds-jfUh not really, but I’m sure glad I watched this Anna Faris clip. 


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Seattle Is Getting A Waterfront Tunnel


After more than eight years of debate state lawmakers Friday evening signed off on a replacement for the Alaskan Way Viaduct – a deep-bored tunnel.

The Senate voted 39-9 to accept a controversial House amendment that would require Seattle taxpayers to cover cost ovverruns on the project. Senate Bill 5768 now goes to Gov. Chris Gregoire.

“…a tunnel allowed for a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to remake the city’s waterfront by reconnecting the downtown to the water. More practically, they argued the technology is such that a tunnel could be built without tearing down the existing structure during construction, which would ease traffic and disruption concerns of businesss and commuters. The tunnel will be four lanes, double-decker.”

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Daily Tune-Up: Burn The Paper

tuneupdaily8Friday, April 24 (yeah, it’s yesterday’s)

Here is a technique for banishing fear that comes from a great kabbalist who lived during the 16th century, Rav Isac Luria (The Ari, the Holy Lion.)

Light a candle and sit down with a pencil and a small piece of paper. Write down your fear on the paper, and meditate upon it. Summon forth the feelings and symptoms associated with the fear. Then write down all the emotions and feelings that this fear causes you. Acknowledge to yourself that your own reactive nature, from this life or a past life, is responsible for the manifestation of this fear.

Now take the paper and burn it!

Find time to do this today. Many people get great relief from this simple technique.

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Ang Lee Does “Woodstock”

From Queerty:

He’s finally getting around to Taking Woodstock, which tackles the 1969 festival that’s “haunted” Lee for a decade. But back in 2007, reports Entertainment Weekly, he ran in to Elliot Tiber (who created the festiva) backstage at a talk show. Tiber gave Lee his one-minute elevator pitch, and Lee was hooked. So here’s the new trailer for Taking Woodstock, which stars Demetri Martin (yes, that guy) as Tiber, along with Liev Schreiber, Emile Hirsch, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. One thing you might miss from the movie? Tiber was a big ‘mo! Planning Woodstock is when he has his big revelation. But after Brokeback, Lee and writer-producer James Schamus are toning down the homoerotics, so don’t expect a drugged-up gay orgy in the back of a VW buss. Says Schamus to EW: “If Brokeback Mountain was about the tragedy of gay lives in an oppressive society, and Milk was about the triumph of coming out,Woodstock simply asks: ‘What’s the hang up? Join the party.'”

Check out the trailer after the jump. Continue reading

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Vintage Susan Boyle

Here she is performing some Jesus Christ Superstar song. The video is pretty grainy and it looks like her perm is super-tight, but it’s still a glimpse into the musical prowess that the rest of the world is now discovering. 

Watch it here

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Pussy In A Box Part 2

Remember this cat who liked to body surf on a box? Well, the cat is back and ready to show another box who’s the boss in the household. Isn’t that a metaphor or something complexicated like that? Pussy, box, rule the house, you get what I’m saying. 

Enjoy the video and think about how you might execute this strategy in your own home – literally or figuratively. 

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I Can’t Watch This! Eek!

I have a childhood fear about the Halloween movies, I can’t watch the trailers, can’t watch the films, nothing. Can’t even bear the music. If I’m watching TV and a trailer comes on, I have to switch it or mute it right away. Yes, it’s bad.

Anyway, Rob Zombie “re-imagined” the Halloween film a few years ago – well now there’s part 2 on it’s way. I tried to watch the trailer, but I had to stop it. My heart starts beating fast, I stop breathing, and my hair goes gray instantly. OK, so not really the last part. 

Watch this trailer and tell me if it scares you too. There’s safety in numbers, unless two of us decide to go fuck in the woods, but that’s a whole ‘notha story. 

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