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Saturday Night Live – Digital Short: Motherlover

Remember “Dick In A Box”? Well, here’s the sequel, special for Mother’s Day. Continue reading


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Miss Panama 2009 – What Was The Question Again?

Hell, she’s got even me confused with her answer. Reminds me of Sarah Palin’s interviews, the answers start in one location and go the way-back way to another location, and then they wrap it up like it was the best answer EVER. Hysterical. 

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I Know I Shouldn’t Laugh But…

This is some funny shit. Poor thing.

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Texas Town Ponders Going Wet or Staying Dry

Check this out. 

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Daily Tune-Up: It’s About This

tuneupdailySaturday, May 9

You will have lots of opportunities to work on removing hatred from your heart today.

That’s good because a person who can’t open their heart to an enemy will never fully grasp what the study of Kabbalah is all about.

Is there someone in your life that you really can’t stand? Practice makes perfect.

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If You Love Music AND Tshirts…

No, this isn’t an ad for them – I was sent the link and the concept it kind of cool. You find the song you like, the title prints on your tshirt, and you get it in a really cool package. Oh yeah, and it’s for a good cause, see the details below and here’s the link


Every i/denti/tee tee is printed on an EDUN LIVE blank. So the benefit of each purchase goes back to the people working on the product in sub-Saharan Africa. And every purchase comes with an iTunes code (USA only) that is good for 10 free songs of your choice at the iTunes Store.

Every lyric we print is licensed for use, which means money goes back to the people who brought the lyric to life – the publishers and the song writers. So each i/denti/tee t-shirt has a “copyright” patch sewn onto the back, to showcase its authenticity. Let’s see Canal Street try to bootleg that.

To help reinforce the spirit of music, each i/denti/tee is packaged in a vintage, vinyl-style album sleeve; so it looks and feels just like a 12″ record when you get it. These premium packages are great to collect and they make the perfect last minute gift for the Holiday or any special occasion.

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Get A True Blingin’ Bike By Gucci


Check out this bike from Gucci – it’s pretty hot. Now, I suspect you might just get a block or two before you’re beaten down off of it and the bike is jacked, but you’ll look pretty good while you’re doing it.


It’s around $6400, but what is money when you can look this classy?



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