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Northwest Puppy Mill Seized – WTF People!

WTF, this totally pisses me off – how can we help, what can we do to stop this? Start by going here and signing this pledge. 

From the AP: More than 400 dogs, including three newborn puppies, have been removed from a puppy mill that is being called “one of the worst cases” of animal abuse seen by animal groups and state officials.

“The conditions were not only shocking, but also heartbreaking to veteran deputies,” said Benton County Sheriff Larry Taylor, who led the raid Wednesday at the Sun Valley kennel of 66-year-old Ella Stewart.

Dogs were found living in wooden crates, shopping carts and other makeshift kennels caked with feces and soaked with urine, investigators said. Detectives wore gloves and put booties on their shoes before walking onto the 2-acre property.

All the dogs will need medical care and some will require extensive treatment, Taylor said. Some dogs suffered from malnutrition while others had urine burns and overgrown nails.


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  1. oh, I saw that on the news. It’s terribly sad.

    Comment by Phil | May 29, 2009

  2. I currently have 19 of these Eskies in my care, either here at my house or in foster care. Anyone who is interested in them can look us up on petfinder.com, petharbor.com, or adoptapet.com, it’s called “Finally Home Rescue” They are still out here & they still need help, they just aren’t in the spotlight anymore

    Comment by Brandia | September 26, 2009

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