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‘The Invention of Lying’ Trailer – It Looks Great!

I have to confess, I have a sort of crush on Jennifer Garner – always have. She’s that girl you want to know, yet she’s oddly sexy. Not as in odd, just sexy in a way I can’t quite pinpoint. I think it’s her sense of humor. Anyway, here’s the trailer and it has Ricky Gervais in it and the storyline is quite unique. I’m intrigued!

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Daily Tune-Up: Maintain the High

tuneupdailyTuesday, June 30

Life is a series of ups and downs, highs and dips. Feels like it. But the deeper you go into spirituality and working on yourself, the more you realize, the highs are always there. It’s a matter of consciousness. Where are you focusing your thoughts?

At any given moment, you can find great and terrible. Choose to find the best today. Keep choosing. Soon, it’ll be highs all the time.

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Don’t Push The Button – Do Push The Button! ‘The Box’ Trailer Arrives

The new movie coming out this fall with Cameron Diaz and James Marsden is called The Box, and the trailer just arrived.

In short, it appears to be about a desperate couple receiving a box and if they push the button, someone in the world will die, but they will get a million bucks. Of course, it’s not that simple.

Have a gander.

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Madonna Rocks the LV – Part 2

Here’s Madonna’s new LV pics, and they’re really really good. Yes, they’re airbrushed but I think they’re meant to portray her as a porcelain doll in a kaleidoscope of colors – with some fierce assed bags. Purses, whatever. Check more over here.

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Ashton Kutcher Gets Nekkid in ‘Spread’

Ashton Kutcher has a new flick coming out called Spread, and it seems as though his career is starting to go in a naked pattern – and who am I to complain? I think he’s going for the next world playboy-meets-action hero, kind of like a young James Bond before he put his prowess to international good use. After watching the trailer, I wonder if it’s just another standard romantic comedy where the bad boy gets the tables turned, falls in love, blah blah blah.

Anywhere, here’s a pic from the film and you can find more located here.

Ashton Kutcher Naked in Spread MovieWatch the trailer after the jump! Continue reading

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Shia LeBeouf Gets Hotter With Age

Here he is on Jimmy Kimmel promoting that Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen movie or something like that…I think it might even have some hot girl in it. Ha. Megan Fox crosses all gay and straight bounderies.

Anyway, check the interview. Shia in a suit, works for me.

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Daily Tune-Up: What’d You Say

tuneupdailyFriday, June 26

Many of our conflicts come from miscommunication.

Today, don’t let things pass. If something doesn’t feel right, then bring it up. But don’t do it with the intention of proving the other person wrong. Do it with the intention of removing the space, and getting closer to the person.

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Bruno Gets Sassy with Conan O’Brien

This is some funny shit. Watch Bruno get naughty with Conan O’Brien during his interview. Hysterical! Watch after the jump. Continue reading

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Madonna Does Billie Jean – The Song I Mean

Here’s the edited version where during The Virgin Tour, she broke into a little of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. After the jump is the full performance of Like A Virgin if you feel like stopping on memory lane. I personally love doing that! A Queen is now missing her King.

Continue reading

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Sadness, Farrah Fawcett Dies

Makes me sad. 😦

LOS ANGELES — Farrah Fawcett, whose stunning looks and blinding smile made her a pop icon of the 1970s, has died. She was 62.

Here’s a little tribute video I found on YouTube.

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Breckin Meyer Responds to Perez Hilton

Funny or Die always has the great videos, like this one starring Breckin Meyer and Zac Efron. It’s not so much about mocking Perez Hilton but moreso, I think it’s about mocking the whole situation.

I’m still not sure what to make of the whole Perez situation because I do agree that nobody deserves to have violence inflicted upon them, but then again with guys, you mouth off too much and people will punch you. It’s been that way since I was a little boy and somehow, I think he was just truly surprised that someone finally did it. And when one gets surprised, they get very reactive and in this case, he’s coming off like a big baby. At least that’s what I think people are responding to. Like that little kid on the playground that kept spewing hateful things to all the kids, eventually someone’s gonna smack him. Can you imagine if we sued everyone who was tough to us on the playground?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Breckin Meyer Responds to Perez Hilton “, posted with vodpod

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Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland – New Johnny Depp Pic!

It doesn’t come out until next year, but feast your eyes on the latest three pictures to surface from Tim Burton’s update of Alice in Wonderland. You know that’s going to be some visually messed up shit! In a good way of course. Btw, did anyone like the Willy Wonka/Charlie in the Chocolate Factory update? 

Johnny Depp Mad Hatter New<———–Elijah Wood anyone? Eek!    

Helena Bonham Carter in Alice in Wonderland<————-Off with their heads! (Helena Bonham Carter)

 Anne Hathaway Alice in Wonderland as White Queen
Anne Hathaway, she’s um, er, the White Queen.

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NY Drivers The Angriest and Most Aggressive, Noooo

New York has overtaken Miami to be voted the U.S. city with the angriest and most aggressive drivers, according to a survey on road rage released on Tuesday.

Miami topped the annual poll for the last four years but voters in 25 major metropolitan areas gave New Yorkers the prize for angriest, most aggressive drivers who tailgate, speed, honk their horns, overreact and lose their tempers.

The response of New Yorkers to bad drivers also helped push the city into the top slot for road rage.

Road Rage

“New Yorkers were most likely to wave their fists or arms. They were most likely to lay on the horn and they were most likely to make some sort of obscene gesture,” said Michael Bush, of the marketing and consulting company Affinion Group, which commissioned the survey.

Dallas/Fort Worth came in second as the worst road rage city followed by Detroit, Atlanta and Minneapolis/St. Paul. Miami ranked a distant seventh.

Baltimore, Sacramento and Pittsburgh rounded out the top five cities with the most pleasant drivers.

Portland and Cleveland were voted to have the most courteous, considerate drivers. Continue reading

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Dear Bozeman, Montana: Can’t People Be Freaks In Their Personal Lives?

You might have read about how the city of Bozeman, Montana was requiring applicants to provide not only their user names to various sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, IFuckAnimals.com (I’m kidding, but it might very well exist), but they were also requiring their passwords. Um, really? Really? They probably just really wanted to surf porn under another person’s user name.

Anyway, they’ve since backtracked and here’s an excerpt from the article:

The city of Bozeman, Mont., has rescinded its long-standing policy that job applicants provide user names and passwords to social-networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace.

According to a press release (PDF) issued Friday:

The extent of our request for a candidate’s password, user name, or other internet information appears to have exceeded that which is acceptable to our community. We appreciate the concern many citizens have expressed regarding this practice and apologize for the negative impact this issue is having on the City of Bozeman.

The city stopped the practice as of midday Friday, until it “conducts a more comprehensive evaluation of the practice,” the release said.


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Daily Tune-Up: Sprinkle Some Light (working on this one)

tuneupdailySaturday, June 20

As anyone who knows me well will tell you, I don’t like to complicate things. I like to keep it simple. When it comes to spirituality, it’s all about LIGHT and DARK.

When things are going haywire in our lives, or in the world, it’s because there is darkness. Or rather, not enough Light.

Today, remove the pockets of chaos from your life by revealing Light. It happens through restriction. Do something that is difficult. Against your nature. Out of the box. No strings attached.

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