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“Medium”, You Broke My Heart

Don’t watch this if you haven’t yet seen the finale…but what I can say is that I love love love Patricia Arquette and found the episode to be not only clever but also very moving. And particularly sad because it seems that NBC has cancelled it. CBS, please pick it up!

Update: Watch the full episode here, in case the video doesn’t load. Damn you NBC!

A tear nearly fell from my eye before the acid evaporated and I couldn’t seem to produce another. But I tried!

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Jesus, He’s HOT!

Not THE Jesus, I wouldn’t be quite so crass now would I? But check out Madonna’s dude, how hot is he? See more pics here

Jesus LuzJesus Luz scored the cover and a swimsuit story in the new issue of L’Officiel Hommes.

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Daily Tune-Up: Better Than You

tuneupdailyTuesday, June 2

As the kabbalists have been teaching for thousands of years, fragmentation in the world is a reflection of the fragmentation between individuals. One of the ways our negative inclination sows seeds of separation in our minds and hearts is by convincing us we are superior to others.

The source of this is judgment.

Today, bring peace into your mind – and into the world – by examining the judgment you’re harboring towards someone you think you are “better than.” What fear/sadness/anger button are they pushing? Answer that and you’ll see this person in a whole new light…and seal up one more crack in the cosmos.

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It’s An Octomom Battle!

From one crazy to another, the official Octomom (Nadya whatever-her-last-name-is) gets to watch Kate + 8 comment on her situation – Nadya’s situation. Damn, I get confused just typing about it. 

We have one that seems like a controlling lady, and we have one who seems to hear birds chirping in her wonderland – apples and oranges baby, apples and (crazy) oranges.

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