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Project Runway Returns In August!

I have been enjoying Fashion Show and have felt that if PR didn’t come back soon, FS was definitely a worthy replacement. It has become clear that Lifetime had better get the show on the air soon or people just might have moved on.

Check out this timeline of troubles the show has faced and read the rest of the article for insights into season 6. 

Beginning in April 2008, the hit series became the disputed pawn in a trio of lawsuits between The Weinstein Company (which owns a majority stake in the show), NBC Universal (parent company to the series’ original network, Bravo), and Lifetime (which bought the rights for seasons 6 through 10).

The legal deadlock kept the fate of the entire series hanging in the balance for almost a year. ”By the end of production [of season 6],” says new exec producer Jon Murray, ”we started to joke around, like, ‘Are we going to have to show this to our friends and families in our living rooms?”’

Nope. Thanks to a resolution reached in April, “Runway” will soon be back in almost everyone’s living room. Season 6 premieres Aug. 20 on Lifetime, amid a blowout marketing campaign that is one of the biggest in the network’s 25-year history.

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Perez Hilton Does Something Mildly Entertaining

The opening video for Britney’s Circus tour stars Perez Hilton, a tour I wouldn’t see and a guy that isn’t at all witty, but it’s a video that’s pretty dark and entertaining. I dig it. 

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Words of Wisdom From Lauren Conrad

In honor of her departure from The Hills, TV Guide put together some memorable quotes from Lauren Conrad through the years. Have a gander, would you? And let’s all wish Lauren well, she gets to live her life away from the village of idiots. 

Season 1, Episode 9 “Love is Not a Maybe Thing”
Heidi debates breaking up with her boyfriend Jordan when she isn’t quite sure if missing him means it’s a relationship worth saving. Lauren makes it simple for her:
“Love is not a maybe thing; you know when you love someone.”                       

Season 2, Episode 9 “New Year, New Friends”
As Lauren and Lo chat about New Year’s Eve and their almost run-in with former friend Jen Bunney, Lauren decides that she’s happy having a smaller group of girls:
“Honestly, like, at this point I would so much rather have, like, a few good friends than a lot of fake friends.”

Season 3, Episode 2 “Big Girls Don’t Cry”
As Lauren and Lo discuss Audrina and Justin Bobby’s rocky relationship history, Lo asks Lauren if she thinks people can really change:
“I think that everyone can change if the right person comes along, and I think that every girl wants to be the right person. Every girl wants to be the one girl that can change that guy.”

Season 3, Episode 18 “When One Door Closes”
When Brody confesses that he’s scared to get into a new relationship since he hasn’t had great ones in the past, Lauren sheds some light on the subject:
“Nobody has had the best relationships in the past, that’s why they end.

Season 5, Episode 9 “Hi Lauren, It’s Spencer”
Once again, Lauren tries to explain to Heidi that she’s alienated everyone in order to be with Spencer. Lauren likens it to a previous relationship when she says this:
“I remember being with Jason… and thinking everything would be perfect if we could go to an island somewhere. But life isn’t an island. You have to have other people in your life.”

Bonus: let’s not forget how far Lauren has come. Back in her Laguna Beach days she gave us this gem when she was discussing boys with Heidi and Jen:

Laguna Beach Season 2, Episode 13 “Boys Are Like Purses”
“You’re always going to have that one boy that you’re always comfortable with and you’ll always kind of like, right? That’s your purse that you wear everywhere. Then you have that gorgeous bag you want everyone to see you with… .Then you have those other purses that you really like but don’t really want to be seen with.”

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From PETA: Help the Race Horses

PETA’s undercover investigation reveals what the horse-racing industry won’t show you.

While millions of viewers watch this year’s Belmont Stakes, former champions like Charismatic and War Emblem are half a world away in Japan. Thousands of other less famous U.S.-bred thoroughbreds have also been exported overseas for breeding and racing. When they are no longer useful, most of these horses will be slaughtered. Continue reading

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Daily Tune-Up: 1,000 Successful Failures

tuneupdailySunday, June 7

I bet I make more mistakes than you. Earlier in my life it used to drive me nuts … how could I hope to do so much for the world and yet constantly mess up?

But I soon learned to love my losses because, as my father continued to remind me, we learn the MOST from making mistakes. Or as Thomas Edison answered when asked how he persevered in inventing the light bulb after 1,000 failures:

“I have not failed 1,000 times. I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways that do not work, and I do not need to try them again.”

Today, be patient with yourself. You are in this world to learn, so start by learning to enjoy the process.

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What Will The New iPhone Bring?

If you’re like me, you’re pretty excited about the iPhone 3.0 OS coming out. While it won’t officially come out until “summer”, it seems we’ll be getting it sooner than later, especially with the Palm Pre taking some of the thunder right now. I found some information from PC World that sheds some light on what you can expect. The good news is that you shouldn’t need a new device to get the updates, which makes me happy – in the past I wanted to smash my Apple products because they keep creating new stuff too quickly! Without further ado, here’s the info:

1. Push Notification

One of the longest-running requests, push notification has been discussed since last summer. The system, which would let apps receive information from Apple servers even while they’re not actively running (think IM programs), was set to debut last September. The missed deadline led to speculation that the feature might be dead in the water. So could push notification finally make the cut for iPhone 3.0?

“It seems that it would be a high priority from a competitive standpoint,” notes Dan Hays, a mobile industry expert who serves as director of PRTM Management Consultants. “That’s definitely one of the big opportunities for Apple.”

2. Adobe Flash Support

After on-again, off-again development, support for Adobe Flash has continued to evade iPhone users, often proving for many to be one of the device’s most annoying omissions. Aside from the “technical challenge” said to be presented with placing Flash on the iPhone, politics seem to play a big part in its absence. There’s always hope, but you may not want to hold your breath on this one just yet.

3. Advanced Bluetooth Functionality

Many fans of the iPhone have been asking for expanded functionality in the Bluetooth realm — you know, the ability to perform tasks like file-sharing or wireless keyboard connecting. This could be one of the simpler features to implement in the iPhone OS, yet it may not be at the top of Apple’s list.

“It’s not clear to me that it would be a big driver of additional sales,” Hays points out. The speed of Bluetooth, he says, limits the practicality of its transfer power. “I would see it as something that they might be likely to do, but not necessarily a high priority.”

4. Copy and Paste Options

I suspect almost all iPhone users would get on-board with the idea of added copy, cut, and paste options within the platform. An odd omission in the first place, one would hope this basic ability will appear in the 3.0 release.

5. Background Processing

The much-requested multitasking support could actually have a shot in iPhone’s 3.0 release. Apple has previously cited the risk of draining too much power and hurting performance as a hurdle for the addition. Rumors as recent as early February, however, suggest that 3.0 could be the turning point.

Continue reading

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