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Heidi & Spencer Weren’t Tortured, America Weeps

If you’ve been watching I‘m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, you know that Heidi and Spencer have made a mockery of the whole experience. Sadly for them, it shows more than 3-sentence scenes and it ended up making them look completely ridiculous and delusional. On The Hills, they could get by with playing their characters, giving pensive looks, villainous snarls, etc. 

Then came news they were returning after quitting several times, and in order to return they were stuck inside a little cave with creepy crawlies abound, but shortly thereafter Heidi (the one with pretty hair) had to go to the hospital. Then more crap surfaced and the word “torture” was used. Having said that, you know that in their eyes torture is probably just having to stare at each other without the prospect of buying new shoes or having a Pinkberry. Well, now their publicist clarifies:

“There have been many reports that surfaced over the weekend regarding Spencer and Heidi Pratt. Many of these reports are false and inaccurate, including any reports of ‘torture’ on the show,” the rep tells Us.

Don’t you wonder what Jesus thinks? He’s probably like, “Hell no, I don’t want you two bitches.”

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