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Yet Another Reason I Love Obama

He’s pushing healthcare and this time, with an August deadline. His response was classic: 

Undertaking a new and aggressive push to enact health reform this year, President Barack Obama bluntly challenged Republican critics on Thursday to put forward their own plan to expand coverage to the uninsured and help struggling families afford care.

“To those who criticize our efforts, I ask them, `What’s the alternative?'” Obama said at a town hall-style meeting, surrounded by supportive citizens in the heartland.

If you don’t have an alternative, shut the fuck up. I personally am without healthcare because of getting laid off from a job, and I have a dependent so of course, we’re now both without coverage. Do you know how scary that is sometimes? If I go to the ER with a serious injury and I cannot afford to pay that bill (when you’re not working, that’s very realistic isn’t it?), where do you think that money is going to come from? Uh yeah, YOU. Whether it be from higher charges, higher premiums from your insurance company, or whether it be from higher taxes to make up for the costs of the uninsured Americans, you will pay.

Rent Sicko and then talk to me about not providing healthcare to all citizens. When I was working, I would have been more than willing to pay for my fellow man to have insurance coverage. And if necessary now, I would still be willing to live off less in order for people to have health coverage. 


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