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The Comfort Wipe – Oh Hell No

Alright, so sometimes people try to make something really simple into something really complicated, but then try to say they’re making the difficult easy. What? 

It extends your reach 18″. Um, imagine yourself reaching behind you and then imagine yourself wishing you had an extra 18 inches. I think for most people, that could mean you could reach behind, under yourself, and then put your right hand on your knee. While that could be fun, it’s hardly necessary.


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One of Madonna’s Earliest Performances Ever, 1982!

I might have posted this a while back but come on, how can you not love it? Here she sings “Everybody” and make sure to enjoy the early 80’s fashion. 

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Shutter Island Trailer – Go Leo!

Whoah, this one looks pretty good – intense, scary, creepy, all that good stuff. And Leo, you’ve become a man over the last few years and it’s working for ya. 

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The Time Traveler’s Wife – Trailer

For those who love magical romance, this one might be for you. I love Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams, so I could be diggin’ this one. Watch it here or after the jump! Continue reading

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey – Danielle Brings Out “The Book”

Ooh, the tension erupts! I tried posting the vid and of course, it’s acting crazy! Must be the video content, it can’t handle the stress. Check it out here

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New Apple Store Design In Scottsdale, Arizona

Check out this great new store design in Scottsdale, Arizona – aka hell. I jest! (sort of)

Anyway, check out some of the features I found out about: 

Apple Store - Scottsdale

When looking through the wall of windows on one side, you can see straight through to the other side of the store and out another wall of windows. If that wasn’t enough to give you a feeling of space, the Scottsdale store also has a 75-foot long skylight.

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Adam Lambert Gives Good Interview

Here’s his 20/20 interview and he’s just so cool. I like how nonchalant he is about being gay, and I think that’s a good way to deliver it. As I believe T.R. Knight once said, and I’m paraphrasing here, “I’m gay but I hope that’s not the most interesting thing about me.” Just perfect. 

And how hot is his mom?

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Knock, Knock: I’d Like To Talk To You About God’s Good News

From the “Men on a Mission, Mormon’s Exposed” calendar shoot. Are they really Mormons? I’m not so sure, but it’s an interesting premise and certainly, the contradiction is no big surprise is it? 

Hot MormonSee more here

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Daily Tune-Up: Closer To Yes

tuneupdailySaturday, June 13

When practicing transformation, don’t be afraid of failing. We actually reveal more Light for ourselves and for the world when we fall and then get up again. If we never fall, we stay exactly where we are. And while time may move us forward physically, spirituality we never advance. Failing may batter our self-esteem, triggering depression or anxiety, which are natural reactions to a difficult situation. But respond by being kind to yourself.

Today, don’t beat yourself up. In fact, celebrate moments of falling. Every no brings you closer to a yes.

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