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Kathy Griffin On Larry King Live – Hilarious!

As usual, she proves herself to be rapid-fire witty, especially when talking about Sarah Palin and that Levi Johnston or whatever his name is. We’ll forget it in a few days. Oh yeah, and she talks about Heidi and Spencer. 

Catch parts 2 and 3 after the jump. 

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Super Chameleon for Ray-Ban, Real or Fake?

Who cares, it’s cool as hell.

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“Bruno” Premiere in London – Video and First Review

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Here’s an excerpt of the review:

Amongst other things, we see him try his hand at acting; adopting an African baby; becoming a chat show host (complete with unsuspecting celebrities); trying to get kidnapped by terrorists; becoming heterosexual and going to a swingers party.

There are some very funny moments, including a brilliant scene where, while trying to bring about peace in the Middle East, two rival camps have to explain to Bruno that Hamas and hummus are not the same thing – but both agree at the same time that hummus is a good thing.

Elsewhere, the reaction of a test-screen audience to the pilot of his US TV show, will have you watching through your fingers if you feel uncomfortable full-frontal male nudity – or conversations about bleaching your intimate areas.

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Daily Tune-Up: Break the Routine

tuneupdailyWednesday, June 17

Having a routine can sometimes keep you stuck. It’s a bit like riding an elevator that is going backwards. When we’re into our routine, we are stuck on that backwards moving elevator. What good does that do us? How do we break that cycle, how do we move forward?

Today, find a way to break your routines, to fight the pull of the escalator. In order to grow and transform spiritually we have to be constantly willing to change it up. 

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Even Easier (and Cheaper) Than The Comfort Wipe

Here’s a spoof of the “Comfort Wipe” made by (I think) and submitted by Josh. This option might be particularly useful when camping, but be careful or you might just get a sliver or two – or maybe you’ll get a few minutes of painful pleasure, but we don’t need to detail that. 

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