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Spam of the Day – I Just Received This

I am 5′ 4, and i have strawberry blonde hair. and i have a little bit
of chub round the belly area. my eyes are my best feature and i dont
have a style its just me

P.S.YOU can writes with me mail

In my best Chelsea Handler voice: “What…a catch.”

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Dear Christian Bale: Please Don’t Fight The Hotness

Christian Bale The MachinistYou might remember when Christian Bale played in The Machinist, he lost about 60+ lbs. to play a crackhead. I use the term crackhead as an all-inclusive term.

Well, playing a crackhead seems to pay quite well because he’s at it again. In his new movie that he’s filming, The Fighter, he plays a boxer turned trainer, turned drug addict named Dickie Eklund. (source: Just Jared)

Christian Bale Skinny

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