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Props to Lil Kim – You Sing It Girl!

Check out this video of Cyndi Lauper and Lil Kim singing a combo of “Time After Time” and “Lighters Up” and you know, it’s pretty nice – organic even! I might recommend Lil Kim moisturizing her throat a bit but kudos for her for breaking out the singing voice! A true artist pushes themself right? Nothing but praise for you Lil Kim and you’ve never looked more beautiful.


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Monkey, Grab The Pradas

Can you imagine if you had a monkey that you could train to do such things as fetch a ball, bang a drum, perhaps even steal some of your neighbor’s things? Check out this video where a man has trained his monkey (the animal) to go into his neighbor’s yard and take things.

I wonder if I could get a monkey to steal a boat, might that task be too big? Goals, goals my friends.

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