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Healthcare Reform, One Man’s Perspective – WATCH!

I gotta say, I love this guy – intelligence is quite sexy.

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Madonna Rehearses in Budapest, Gives Fans a Treat

Check out the videos of Madonna rehearsing in Budapest and then getting up close and personal with some lucky fans who got “Golden Circle” tickets and got to listen to the sound check. So cool.

Btw, she’s almost finished with this tour and she’ll have the biggest concert tour EVER by a solo artist. Yeah, that’s HUGE. All she has left for dates are:

24 Aug – Belgrade
26 Aug – Bucharest
29 Aug – Sofia
01 Sep – Tel Aviv
02 Sep – Tel Aviv

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David Beckham, In Speedos – Need I Say More?

Since I’m a self-confessed legs man, I have to say that relaxed muscle on the back of the leg always gets me. What about this picture intrigues you most? I want to know.

David Beckham

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Sunday Morning Music – Kate Earl

So I picked up this “CD” a week or two ago and I have to say, I’m really loving it. As with most albums, there’s a track that sucks you in and you just know you have to have the rest right? Sometimes you’re disappointed and you realize that there was an obvious reason why they released that single, but sometimes you realize that song is just the tip of a sonic iceberg. That’s how I feel about this artist, Kate Earl.

You can pick up the release here if you enjoy the song below.

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“Erotica” Is Always Worth A Look, N’est-ce Pas?

Happy Birthday M.

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I’m Back…

I’ve been pretty busy with school and trying to find balance, but I think I’m nearly there. So here I go, time to make some posts.

I hope to hear from your guys.

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