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‘2012’ Looks Like Fun – Not

The movie isn’t of interest to me, like I need additional disasters to have nightmares about. However, the special effects are interesting and this little video shows a glimpse of how they made the devastating scenes come to life.

What do you think will happen in the year 2012? A shift in consciousness, huge catastrophes, or a few new Starbucks blends?

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Breast Implants Are Not Safety Cushions

Yeah, more antics from the brilliant participants on the ‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge’. I feel bad for the girl and honestly, most of these girls probably have them right? But perhaps she should have read the safety sheet for those new funbags she purchased. Just a suggestion.

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Music Recommendation – Brandi Carlile’s ‘Give Up the Ghost’

I’ve been a fan for quite sometime, her music for me is a blend of country, rock, and folk. Her voice can be heartbreaking and cutting at the same time, with a nice touch of country musicality thrown in. Highly recommended.

Click the picture to get to iTunes to purchase this release if you are so inclined.


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Radio App Coming to the iPhone?

If you’ve ever played with AOL Radio or even Pandora, you know that they’re pretty good for listening to “radio” but you can’t do anything else while doing so. I’m not sure if this application that Apple is developing will allow it to run in the background, but the rumors are that it will. Here’s hoping!Apple Radio

According to CNET, an Apple news site says the functionality of the application will be similar to what Apple built into the iPod Nano. That includes the ability to pause live FM transmissions and fast-forward when you resume playing.

According to 9 to 5 Mac, the delay in getting the app to market is Apple’s decision to integrate it with the iTunes Store, which is built into the devices. With this integration, people will be able to tap on a song they hear on the radio and buy it through iTunes.

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Why People (Might) Hate John Mayer

John MayerNo, it’s not because of his music so much…although I haven’t personally ever been drawn to it. It’s not because he’s unattractive because he’s quite easy on the eyes – and I would venture to even say that he’s smart, cerebral even. But then he turns around and gives an interview like this, you know, cause he’s being funny. Or maybe just an asshole. What do you think?

What do you think about health care? Would you take the public option?

Have you ever heard me play guitar? I’m really fucking good. You know what I’m bad at? Answering questions about public health care. This is not in my wheelhouse. Do you have any questions about music? I almost got a mad need to lighten up. You need to lighten up, because the questions you asked me were all trouble-making questions. If someone gave me the Nobel Peace Prize, and I didn’t deserve it, I would just shut my mouth and enjoy the hell out of it.

Which I’m sure he’s doing.
What’s he going to do, send it back? It’s like I’m getting a wrongful bulge in my pants and everyone’s thinking I’ve got a nine-inch cock. I’m not going to argue with them, I’m going to let them think I have a nine-inch cock.”

How about a style question?
“Yes, this seems to be apropos. Do you get paid for this?”

I do it more for fun.
“You do this for fun? That’s like me saying … never mind.”

What do you think about guys with seventies mustaches?
“I don’t give a fuck about who wears their face what way. If I could grow a beard, I’d have some nutty things going on on my face.”

You can’t grow a beard?
“It’s a pituitary thing. I know you’re not that much of a moron.

These are questions my editor wanted me to ask. I’m trying to build my journalistic career here.
“You’re not building a journalistic career. You’re making yourself look like a moron and you’re not a moron. Who’s your editor?”

“Jada is making you sound like a moron in front of people.”

Why don’t you tell me about your new album? You’ve been in the studio for a while.
“I have a record coming out November 17.”

Any particular theme or inspiration behind this one that makes it different from previous albums?
“Look what we’re doing right now! We’re connecting right now! This is great! Yeah, it’s going to be quite melodically bright, but the themes are all about heartbreak.”

Check out more of his interview fuckery and his “Who Says” video after the jump.

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