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“We Got A Complicated Order!”

Yes, that line is from my favorite Mad TV skit, but it kind of just jumped into my head when I read the real headline. Anywho, Starbucks is now making some pricing adjustments based on what you order, so keep it simple and keep the fucking line moving people! Oops, sorry, just had a little flashback there. Below are some of the details and as you can see, it pays to be boring.

  • Plain coffee, you’ll see a .10 decrease (let’s go shopping!)
  • For an extra shot of coffee, it’ll go from being .55 to .70 (there goes my “Save the children” donation)
  • Adding a shot of syrup now costs .40, a 30% jump (Um, has anyone ever bought the Torani syrup from Marshalls, it’s always there and I wonder if it’s any good?)

So for you non-math types, a triple grande soy vanilla latte would go from $5.55 to $6.25. Well, if that’s your drink of choice then you should pay that much money cause that sounds fucking nasty. No offense and oh yeah, bless your heart.

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