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Please Drive Responsibly

Ok, don’t watch this video if you are easily disturbed, it’s pretty serious stuff. But, it’s worth watching and I can honestly say that I am just a little more careful when driving through neighborhoods and intersections.

You were warned, but watch here!

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New Gaga – Thoughts?

I feel like it’s very similar to “Speechless” and I’m not sure I love it. However, I find Gaga’s music to be a tad bit boring, especially compared to her performance art, visuals, etc.

Have a listen, let me know what you think.

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True Blood Fans – Meet Your New Werewolf

I wonder if he works out? Meet Joe Manganiello.

The specimen below just appeared in Episode 3 and it’s too soon to know what his role will be. But do we really care or just like to look at him? Well, if you want to actually know more about him, click here for more details about the person behind the body.

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Paranormal Activity 2 – Trailer Is Up!

When I watched “Paranormal Activity“, I was expecting something like “The Blair Witch Project” where the slow build of suspense kind of terrified you more than any effects ever could. Well, I would say that it was hugely successful in doing so.

The continuation is upon us  and if it keeps the same rawness that the first picture had, it too could be scary in that simplest of ways.

As a little side note, did you know that the first film only cost around $15,000 but made over $200 million? Holy hell, that’s a great ROI.

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This Pic of Mark Salling Might Give You ‘Glee’

Does he do it for ya? If so, click here for more pictures of him lounging in Vegas.

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Kylie Is ‘Aphrodite’ and Hopes to “Break” America – Will She?

I’ve been listening to Kylie’s new release for about a week now and I really think it has potential.  If you listen closely (or even if you don’t), you will very likely hear the influence of Stuart Price, Madonna’s collaborator for “Confessions On A Dancefloor”. Yes, he’s done much more than that but he wasn’t on many people’s radar until then. Anyway, I digress. Check out this little megamix of Kylie’s new album, “Aphrodite“.

Standout tracks for me include, “Cupid Boy”  and “Aphrodite”. Overall, it’s nice and mindless dance music – that’s all you really want from Kylie right?

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