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Star Therapy: Beyonce & Rihanna

They so silly; LaLa G this is for you!

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I Luv Jamie Palomino!

ryan-reynolds-jfUh not really, but I’m sure glad I watched this Anna Faris clip. 


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Sarah Palin – Wrong Again…

Towleroad– That lipstick on a pig thang isn’t true either. I’d heard that originally Sarah P,Susan Boyles turned down the offer of a makeover.  I hope she likes the new look:


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But What Is Research?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Dora the Explorer — a Whore-a?


OK, sit down and hang on to your backpacks, there’s big news: Dora the Explorer is growing up. And it’s freaking parents out.

Mattel has recently announced that its popular, pint-sized commercial juggernaut will soon debut as an older tween version of the chubby cutie that children and parents have grown to adore-a. And even though Mattel has only released a teaser image in silhouette, parents fear that the shapely shadow suggests well, a real tease.

Truth is, until we can all get a good look at Dora’s new um, developments, this could be much ado about nothing. I mean, I didn’t see a stripper pole in silhouette, so that’s encouraging. But what the news of this makeover does tap into is an unsettling truth: the loss of innocence can sometimes throw us into shock. In the big book of life, Childhood — that time of wide-eyed naivete and unfiltered joy — is a chapter that is becoming slimmer and slimmer. About as slim as the new hips that Dora has grown into.

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Ba Da Da Da Da – I’m Lovin’ It

I guess that’s debate-able b/c it don’t seem to me like anyone is lovin’ it these days.  “What the French”, you say?  Well the staff at the McD’s in France gave the ol’ wanky eye to Pharrell Williams when he placed his order like a damn fool:

Additionally, did you know about this?:

The man who wrote the McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” jingle has committed suicide at the age of 40.  Paul Tilley jumped to his death from the upper floor of a Chicago hotel.  Dad-of-two Tilley, from Texas, worked for the elite DDB ad agency.  His widow Cristina said yesterday: “Life is complicated and Paul was a complicated man. He loved words and he loved wordplay.”  The I’m Lovin’ It slogan was launched in 2003 with vocals by US pop megastar Justin Timberlake and has been translated into more than 20 languages.

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If You Like This – I Like You

Yeah, after the jump read on – you gotta work for what you want! Continue reading

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Eeek – A Jabberwocky


They so silly – WTF Would Jesus Do?

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iPhone Is The New Booty Call

booty-callWell, not for me because the last thing I want is the ability to be leaving a laundromatwith a thought of ‘Hmmm what should I do now?’ followed by my iPhone app giving my proximity to some skeezer in the apartment building across the street.  However, I do know a few people who are on their way to the AT&T kiosk ’round the corner to one up.  As if I really needed another reason to think my phone is a germ metropolis – thanks MENSA guys!

The iPhone is a hotbed for location-based social networks, which tap into the phone’s geolocation features to help users find nearby friends and strangers that they might like to meet. We’ve seen a handful of dating applications that cater to the straight community, and today brings the launch of Grindr (iTunes Link), one of the first iPhone applications geared towards gay and bisexual men.

While privacy is an issue for all location based social networks, it is of the utmost importance on gay networks. Without proper security measures, bigots could easily download such applications and use them to pinpoint targets for hateful slurs and potentially even violence. Grindr deals with these issues by obscuring a user’s absolute location by default. Rather than plotting each user on the map. Grindr displays how far away they are (distances can range from a few feet to miles away).   READ MORE HERE

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Finally, Some They Can Agree Upon!!!

“Hold Up, Wait A Minute,
Let Me Put Some Ram’s Blood In It!”

If Hogwartz wasn’t already going to get shut down by those crazy’s at Jesus Camp, I guess there will be a few more placards going up that identify the fictional series as culturally influencing and cancer-like, Jewish, propaganda. 

From one infidel to another, this is some oddly entertaining and ever so spooky shid making it’s way around the hearts, minds, and sleeper cells of our conglomerate olive tree gone astray…

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Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Problems

Neither a recession or depression are going to stop the home grown rapid refund tax commercials.  I need my monies in a hurry y’all; please help me decide if I should go to Mo’ Money -OR- Accelerated?

(fyi – monies is a word and I welcome a debate)

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Step Aside Shane Mercado

There are only a few Benyaki songs that I like, but I absolutely love the fact that anything she comes out with recently is like a moth to a flame for all the inner skeezers out there with a video camera. 

It kind of makes me feel sad inside b/c if this guy had any true friends they would disconnect the boy’s Comcast so he can’t hurt himself any more.

Gotta admit, he’s very whimsical.

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OMG, How Silly!


Just so you know, Aqua wasn’t a one hit wonder:
Exhibit AExhibit B

And this next one is specially for Qualisha
over at our sister site, Nichols & Dimes!

 See more silliness that you’ll wish you’d thought of – OMG

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A Dirty Eric Sanchez


It’s him alright, he’s not even trying to contest the validity of these self serve pics.  Amazing Race winner, Eric Sanchez, is all kinds of pimped out in the NSFW pics after the jump that some crazy phish leaked out and about.  I kind of think it’s similar to the episode of Friends where Rachel tells Mr. Bing that she’ll get the word out that he’s ‘large-and-in-charge’ (i.e. Eric wanted some publicity), but even without the face shot it’s easy to tell that Mr. Sanchez is doing alright…

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Rock the Vote – Kid’s Choice Awards

Now I don’t support the Kid’s Choice Awards b/c I think they are a little too raunchy for my Dora the Explora’ niece to be all into, but I do think we should all take the time to vote for Chris Brown as our Favorite Male Singer!  20090306-chris_brown_top1

WTF? Hasn’t he gotten got yet? 
-Don’t get loud with me, Jay-Z said it!

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