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The Phone – Timberlake & MTV

Did you know about JT’s newest jaw dropper? 
April 21st on MTV – Move over Dance Biscuits!

Favorite Politically Incorrect Semi-Related Punchline:  “The phone goes ‘green-green’, I ‘pink’ it up, and say ‘yellow’ this is Mujabe!”

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A HOT Mess!!!

cumfaces_4Way better than smiling for the camera, East Village Boys contributor Stuart Sandford is gathering Kodak Moments for the sequel to his publication of Cumfaces.  It’s rather PG-13, so don’t get all right wing or nuthin’.

I Love Those Sheets!

Click here for more info, pics, or ways to participate.

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What Time Is It?

Cool watch – I want one
I’ll probably still ask you what time it is!


(Insert Price is Right Voice Here:)
The Tenmetsu is the frontrunner in the new Kisai range of watches from Tokyoflash. The Tenmetsu combines stunning design with precision engineering and the result is a subtle and truly original fashion timepiece that attracts attention and makes a strong style statement. Designed and made in Japan, each element of each design has been carefully considered in order to make the best possible product.


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Keri Hilson, Watch Out Nah’!

Keri, you do all right by ‘turnin me on’ but you got a whole lot more tracks to blend up in that weave before you start droppin bombs on Queen Rockafella. 

For our audience:  Diversity is one of life’s seasonings.  Enjoy the vid, watch it all the way thru b/c when busta’ starts to flip out, it be funny!

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Guiltiest Pleasure of All…

It was way better in HD, but even still these kids just make me want to bust out The Carlton all over this traila’.

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Go Mikey Go!

Being only 2 degrees of separation from Selma, I fell almost like I’m part of the party.  I’m soooo excited to see that my boi Mikey Day has got him a fine piece of crazy both on and off the set of Kath & Kim (one of the most underrated shows currently on TV). 


More Pics – Just Jared

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Maybe, The Circus Ringleader…?

The Pussycat Dolls were lookin’ goode in New Orleans:

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Go Vh1!!

What: Black to the Future Marathon
When: For the next three hours as well as every Sunday for the last few weeks

Please RSVP – aviewofthec@gmail.com

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Oh My, A Gel…

What the French?

They just think of everything, don’t they?

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What…. A Jem!

It’s a part of life; certain phrases grow and develop into everyday vernacular:  ‘Thrown under the bus’, ‘Pull a Lorena Bobbit’, and ‘Beat a bitch like Tonya Harding’. 

Ain’t that some hot stank?  Where to go with this one….

If I had a Presidential shout out that allowed me to hop back into the limelight during a recession, I wouldn’t be complaining. 

If I had a reputation for conspiring to knock a heefer out over some craziness, I would think that never ending humiliation and shame would be part of my parole arrangement.

If I had an agent who could spin the plot between a Blagojevich & Harding Thriller, I would be exstatic!

Don’t worry B, I got your lightweights covered on this one and I know what I’ve got to do…  (watch and see)   

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Just a Normal Day at Epcot

Now you know, if you get skooled by Mickey Mouse then you’re most likely to grow up with some form of emotional scarring. 

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Ugly Betty, You Stay!

This is what I’m going to look like if/when they take Ugly Betty off ABC:


Just in case you’d like a refresh, I found this for someone today and was impressed with the HQ recap:

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Lies, Lies – Don’t Believe The Lies!

iPhone App Usage Drops Off:

A study has shown that less than 5 percent of consumers still use their free iPhone applications a month after downloading them. What do you think?

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This Is Not An Audition For American Idol

job-fairIt’s a line for a job fair!  Yikes, I say!

I’m gonna clip some coupons this morning and research the application process for fostering some SSNs, I mean well deserving kids. 

All I can say is that if you have a job to go to this morning, ‘don’t F*#k it up!’.

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Oh, you’re going through a break up, Mr Green?  Otherwise, the years have certainly been good to you, I pray we never see the day you’re on Confessions of a Teen Idol…


Honestly, I’m a forgiving soul and don’t hold it against you that for the better part of the 90’s you wanted to be the next great white hype – busted by VH1:


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