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I Will Survive?

It’s a sad morning for a Joss Whedon’ite! Andy Hallet, the actor who played the singing demon with sass,from the most awesome T.V show Angel, has passed away from heart failure! Boo, I’m so sad. We’ll miss you, Andy/Lorne!!! Here are a few good things to remember him by:

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Space Doo Doo Pistols?!!

Because I think Tracy Morgan is one crazy bitch, love  him, and I think that he is totally channeling a certain zany rapper: Doctor Octagon, and I love that, and he will  be on SNL tonight, I thought I would post a few things to get us in the mood!

Listen you will understand:

and obviously!:

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Morning Sunshine!

This little ditty has been flittering around in my head for the past few days,  it makes me skip a little when I walk! Anyway, if this song doesn’t make you smile, then I  believe you just might be dead inside! Enjoy some Matt Costa:

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Every Morning Needs a Lil’Chicken Dance!

Yesterday, I just finished re watching Arrested Development (on Hulu), which I recommend everyone to do! That show is whack! I believe there is movie in the works! YAY!!!

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Strong Beer in the Morning!!!

On a mini-being forced to stay here against my will- vacay in Montgomery, Al: I sit here watching my favorite local news, “blah blah… shooting, blah blah… car jacking, blah blah…fire”. Yet, in the midst of normal Gump-town tom foolery, they report about beer!  My ears perk up! When I lived here there was no such thing as draft beer, or beer on Sunday, yet alone strong beer! Finally, Montgomery is moving on up in the beer world! Probably so they can stay sauced enough to forget about all the shootings and fires!

From WSFA.com:

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – The Alabama House has lifted its glass to a bill that would allow stronger beer to be sold in Alabama.

The House voted 49-37 Tuesday to approve the bill that will allow some imported and gourmet beers with a higher alcohol content to be sold in Alabama.

Alabama law currently requires that beer sold in Alabama have an alcohol content no higher than 6 percent by volume.

The bill sponsored by Rep. Thomas Jackson of Thomasville would allow beer with an alcohol content up to 13.9 percent by volume.

The bill now goes to the Senate for debate.


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Kiwi’s Know How to Rock the Dance Floor!

Here’s the latest from my 2  favorite New Zealander boys:

Love me some Flight of the Concords, don’t you? They are GENIUS! and don’t forget so cute that I want to carry them around in my pocket!!!!

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Happy Fat Tuesday!

Ahhh, to be pelted in the face by moon pies and beads, how splendid!!! So, what’s the deal with these baby cakes, King cakes, they freak me the hell out. Who thought it was a great idea to dig into this delicious little sucker and then find the precious baby Jesus crunching around in your mouth? I find this morbid as shit! Growing up with a Catholic side of the family I don’t know why this shocks me!? A nummy game of find baby Jesus and then you may possess special Mardi Gras powers! Mmm, fun, weird, and creepy. Those Catholics don’t disappoint! Anyway,be safe my fellow Southerners, and have a Happy Fat Tuesday, I wish you all the luck of a little baby Jesus!


bead whore

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Southland Tales, What?

Last night I watched the movie Southland Tales. I was so darn excited to watch a movie with my boyfriend Justin Timberlake and my guilty pleasure The Rock.  I knew the movie was going to be a bit wack-a-doo seeing as it was a Richard Kelly flick, the dude who did Donnie Darko. After watching this movie with high hopes, I felt used and abused, my brain still hurts a bit. I wanted my hour and half back. SERIOUSLY! How can you go wrong with JT and The Rock!? If you like things that don’t make sense or movies that are made for pretentious assholes… then this movie is right up your alley! Anyway, here’s the holy redeemer of the movie:

Did I mention I love him!?

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The Language of Love?

I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but broken English really turns me on!! Oh Fabio! How I wish I could sleep in the bunky bed with you!

fabio school girl heart

Who’s your Chef Daddy?

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You’ll Love Vince’s Nuts!

Hello, Slap Chop! Love it! Want it! Need it!

This new infomercial with Vince Offer (he’s a whole ‘nother blog), the man who brought us ShamWOW, has brought us yet another ingenious item. He proclaims to make our lives “un-boring” with this new creation, as well as making us a “skinnier” nation by slapping our fat away! I’m all for that!! Vince, sign me up! Seriously, watch this video. Vince really has a gift for selling the sarcasm and the I could give 2 shits about this product approach and I love it!!!

Keep an eye out for the blingin’ fruit!


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