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Keith Olbermann Talks $ and Gay Marriage

So maybe you can’t appeal to anti-gay activists, but perhaps you can appeal to the money-grubbing side of them. I think that’s what Keith O. is trying to do. Go Keith!

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Obama Makes Even More Progress – Auto Standards

You know, I’m not sure how people can say that Obama hasn’t done a great job so far. Let’s see, he’s tackling the economy, international relationship building, transportation, healthcare, and now auto emissions. I can’t recall the last President really making any headway on these issues, or rather, any headway in my eyes. 

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama will propose on Tuesday the most aggressive U.S. auto fuel efficiency standards ever, a policy that also aims to resolve a dispute with the state of California over cutting tailpipe emissions.

A senior administration official, speaking to reporters late on Monday on the condition of anonymity, said average fuel standards for all new light vehicles sold in the United States would rise by 10 miles per gallon over today’s performance to 35.5 mpg between 2012-16.

Tailpipe emissions would fall by more than 30 percent, the official said.

U.S. and key overseas automakers, like distressed General Motors Corp and efficiency leader Toyota Motor Corp of Japan, support the plan, an industry trade group said.

California officials also supported the proposal, the official said.

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Bye Bye Pontiac

General Motors announced plans to cut 23,000 U.S. jobs by 2011, drop its storied Pontiac brand and slash 40% of its dealer network in its latest bid to stay out of bankruptcy.


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High-Speed Rail Is On The Way!

This is very exciting news. It looks like various parts of the country will be getting better transportation, and to me, that can only be a good thing. Options, people need options to avoid traffic. 

President Obama on Thursday highlighted his ambition for the development of high-speed passenger rail lines in at least 10 regions, expressing confidence in the future of train travel even as he acknowledged that the American rail network, compared with the rest of the world’s, remains a caboose.

Mr. Obama said the $8 billion for high-speed rail in his stimulus package — to be spent over two years — and an additional $1 billion a year being budgeted over the next five years, would provide a “jump start” toward achieving that vision.

The stimulus money has yet to be allocated to specific projects, but Mr. Obama said the Transportation Department would begin awarding money by the end of summer.

The government has identified 10 corridors, each from 100 to 600 miles long, with greatest promise for high-speed development.

They are: a northern New England line; an Empire line running east to west in New York State; a Keystone corridor running laterally through Pennsylvania; a major Chicago hub network; a southeast network connecting the District of Columbia to Florida and the Gulf Coast; a Gulf Coast line extending from eastern Texas to western Alabama; a corridor in central and southern Florida; a Texas-to-Oklahoma line; a California corridor where voters have already approved a line that will allow travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles in two and a half hours; and a corridor in the Pacific Northwest.

Only one high-speed line is now operating, on the Northeast corridor between Washington and Boston, and it will be eligible to compete for money to make improvements.

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Getting Your Home Saved Is Not Easy

Check out the video and a portion of the story below:

Megan Cavallari looks up from her stack of hundreds of faxes and documents, proof of her efforts to try to save her home from foreclosure. She’s been on hold for over an hour, trying to get details for a loan modification.

Finally, she’s transferred to another line. But she doesn’t get a human. Exasperated, she sighs. Once again, it’s the “automated lady.”

“Every report says the banks are helping, and everything on the radio says they’re helping,” Cavallari said. “You call and call and call; you’re not getting a voice. You’re getting a recording.”

The hardest part about this is that foreclosures are still proceeding forward, even as people are trying to work through the process of saving their homes. Maybe this is an area of opportunity, halt the foreclosures until the homeowners have participated in a mandatory counseling session, driven by the lenders – put the responsibility on the lenders to make documented attempts at reaching the homeowners. I’m not sure how homes in foreclosure will help the economy, the banks, the individuals, etc. Just think, once the homeowners have a foreclosed home on their credit, do you think they’ll be buying a home anytime soon? Do you think they can get financing? And when they can’t, home sales will drop and guess what, we’re back in the dump. Foreclosures have to stop, they just gotta.

This is my completely underqualified opinion, but sometimes simple ideas are a good jumping off point right?

Having said all that, click here to see how the government is trying to help. 

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Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Problems

Neither a recession or depression are going to stop the home grown rapid refund tax commercials.  I need my monies in a hurry y’all; please help me decide if I should go to Mo’ Money -OR- Accelerated?

(fyi – monies is a word and I welcome a debate)

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Texas Governor Rick Perry: Businesses More Important Than Unemployed

Am I shocked? No. He’s a Republican. I’ll just leave it at that.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Thursday rejected $555 million in federal stimulus money that would expand state unemployment benefits, saying the money would have required the state to keep funding the expanded benefits after the stimulus money ran out.

Perry, an outspoken critic of President Barack Obama’s $787 billion stimulus bill, did accept most of the roughly $17 billion slated for Texas in the plan.

But he said the requirements attached to the federal stimulus money would require a change in the state’s definition of unemployment, expanding coverage to more people and placing more of the state’s tax burden on employers.

Perry’s decision comes despite warnings from Texas Workforce Commission Chairman Tom Pauken that the state’s unemployment compensation trust fund could be operating at a deficit by October. Pauken told lawmakers recently that insolvency might not be not far behind.

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Jon Stewart Shuts Jim Cramer Down Like A Bad Restaurant

Jon Stewart is awesome – always willing to say what I think many Americans want to say. Brilliant!

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FedEx Is Helping Job Seekers

FedEx Office, formerly known as FedEx Kinko’s, says that it will allow people to print free copies of their résumés on high-quality paper Tuesday.

People who come in will receive 25 black-and-white copies on “résumé-quality paper.” Dallas-based FedEx says that more than 1,600 locations around the country will participate.

Check your local store to see if they are participating, I was unable to find a list or link to provide. Readers, have you found one?

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Joblessness Is Highest In 25 Years – TV Ratings Up

OK, I don’t know if TV ratings are up but I thought that sounded accurate, at least in my home. Or perhaps Wii sales are up, or maybe shopping is up, or maybe American’s are averaging 14 hours of sleep each day, you catch my drift. But on to the real article, below are a few highlights: 
  • The U.S. economy lost 651,000 jobs in February, the fourth month in a row where job losses were near or above 600,000.
  • The unemployment rate soared to 8.1% in February, the highest rate in over 25 years.
  • Job losses in February were close to expectations, while the unemployment rate was above forecasts of 8.0%. 
  • The economy has lost 4.4 million jobs since the recession began in December 2007, with more than half coming in the last four months.
  • A separate survey of households showed that employment fell by 351,000 in February. Unemployment rose by 851,000.
  • The unemployment rate for African Americans rose to 13.4% in February, which is the highest rate since December 1993. Teenage unemployment rose to 21.6%.
  • Average hourly earnings rose by 3 cents, or 0.2%, to $18.47 an hour, in line with expectations. Average wages have risen 3.6% in the past year.
  • The average workweek held steady at 33.3 hours for the third straight month.
  • The number of workers experiencing long spells of joblessness, defined by the government as 27 weeks without work, has risen to 2.9 million in February, up 1.6 million since the start of the recession.
  • The number of persons working part time who would prefer to be working full time jumped 787,000 in February to 8.6 million. This category has risen by nearly 4 million since the recession began.

Happy Friday everyone, and let’s have an unemployed worker party!

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American Express Special Offer

Companies are getting creative to help YOU out during this very crippling economic time. Watch this video and see how you can help American Express help you to help them. It’s quite simple really. 

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Can’t Get to the Dentist? How About the Hardware Store?

Sad, sad times. This woman in Grand Junction, Colorado couldn’t afford her needed dental work so she did as most of us would do, she went to the store and got some glue. Um, maybe not what I would do but you never know – times are tough y’all. I have thought about White-Out instead of Crest Whitening Strips but I won’t bore you with the details. 

Check the video here

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Feeling the Credit Crunch in Today’s Economy?

Well, now there might be a solution to start your day.

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Boeing and Starbucks To Make Major Cuts

Holy hell, this is some crazy stuff man. Boeing is reportedly going to cut 10,000 employees and that’s about 6% of their workforce. Starbucks will likely cutting up to 6,700 jobs, closing 300 underperforming stores, selling one of its jets and scaling back new store openings. Starbucks will reduce Seattle headquarters employees by about 10 percent, or between 300 and 350 employees, effective in mid-February. Globally, including Seattle, Starbucks will lay off 700 corporate employees.

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Microsoft Makes Some Cuts

Not a huge surprise here, but Microsoft is cutting up to 5,000 jobs in the next year and a half, or 5.5% of its global workforce, citing further deterioration of global economic conditions.

The company also posted lower fiscal second-quarter earnings that missed analysts’ forecasts.

Microsoft will slash 1,400 positions immediately, with the rest of the cuts coming by June 2010. The company said it will save about $1.5 billion in operating expenses and $700 million in 2009 capital expenditure.

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