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Ben Affleck Has Been Hitting the Gym – Damn!

Holy hell, look at my celebrity twin and his body. I know, we’re not twins. Damn!

This is a still from his next movie called The Town. Watch the trailer and read the synopsis after the jump.

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True Blood Fans – Meet Your New Werewolf

I wonder if he works out? Meet Joe Manganiello.

The specimen below just appeared in Episode 3 and it’s too soon to know what his role will be. But do we really care or just like to look at him? Well, if you want to actually know more about him, click here for more details about the person behind the body.

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This Pic of Mark Salling Might Give You ‘Glee’

Does he do it for ya? If so, click here for more pictures of him lounging in Vegas.

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Attention Avatar Fans – I Have Some Sam For You

I haven’t seen Avatar, and I shall hang my head in shame. It’s just one of those flicks where you hear so much hype that you can’t help but be disappointed. The reviews I’ve heard have ranged from “Amazing” to “Awesome” to more recently, “They’re fucking blue people and I kind of felt like I was watching a cartoon!” So perhaps I shall wait.

Being that I tend to digress, without further ado, here is a nice and sexy shot of one of the film’s stars, Sam Worthington.

See more here.

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Don’t. Say. Anything. Please. Don’t.

Just sit there and be pretty with your guitar. Seriously, shhhh, don’t speak.


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Performance Art At Its Best

I know it’s video and stills set to a Muse song called, “Butterflies and Hurricanes” but it almost feels like performance art because of the video direction.

For me, it represents sexiness, perversion, style, love, rebellion, violence, anarchy, and on and on. If I were a video maker, this might be what my video would look like. Have a look at the video and check out the photog’s site for more goodness.

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David Beckham, In Speedos – Need I Say More?

Since I’m a self-confessed legs man, I have to say that relaxed muscle on the back of the leg always gets me. What about this picture intrigues you most? I want to know.

David Beckham

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Harry Potter Star (Not That One) Dances In His Underwear

This ad campaign starring Freddie Stroma makes no sense to me, but it is still worth a look. I understand it’s from an underwear campaign, but since there isn’t sound, just make a silent movie track in your head and enjoy the skin.

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Shia’s Shirtless, and Running, and Shirtless

Doesn’t everybody think that Shia LaBeouf is hot? Well, I do and I know many people that do. Like a fine wine better with age.

Shia LaBeouf Shirtless Running

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Ashton Kutcher Gets Nekkid in ‘Spread’

Ashton Kutcher has a new flick coming out called Spread, and it seems as though his career is starting to go in a naked pattern – and who am I to complain? I think he’s going for the next world playboy-meets-action hero, kind of like a young James Bond before he put his prowess to international good use. After watching the trailer, I wonder if it’s just another standard romantic comedy where the bad boy gets the tables turned, falls in love, blah blah blah.

Anywhere, here’s a pic from the film and you can find more located here.

Ashton Kutcher Naked in Spread MovieWatch the trailer after the jump! Continue reading

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Shia LeBeouf Gets Hotter With Age

Here he is on Jimmy Kimmel promoting that Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen movie or something like that…I think it might even have some hot girl in it. Ha. Megan Fox crosses all gay and straight bounderies.

Anyway, check the interview. Shia in a suit, works for me.

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Bruno Goes Nude, Again

There are all kinds of pictures sprouting up with Bruno showing various body parts, but primarily his ass. I don’t mind it at all, not just because I think Sasha Baron Cohen is brilliant but also because I think he’s quite hot in his normal state. Whatever normal is right? 

Here he is on the cover of GQ, thank me when your “sexy time” is over. 

Bruno Naked on GQSee more Bruno pics by going here

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David Beckham Is Still Hot In His Skivvies

Holy hell, I love the styling and of course, the body. My favorite is pic number 3, see it after the jump. Don’t forget you can click to “enlarge”. 

David Beckham Underwear Shot 1 Continue reading

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Knock, Knock: I’d Like To Talk To You About God’s Good News

From the “Men on a Mission, Mormon’s Exposed” calendar shoot. Are they really Mormons? I’m not so sure, but it’s an interesting premise and certainly, the contradiction is no big surprise is it? 

Hot MormonSee more here

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Jesus, He’s HOT!

Not THE Jesus, I wouldn’t be quite so crass now would I? But check out Madonna’s dude, how hot is he? See more pics here

Jesus LuzJesus Luz scored the cover and a swimsuit story in the new issue of L’Officiel Hommes.

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