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Justin Gaston, Don’t Speak

Justin Gaston UnderwearJust be pretty, or just sing – but don’t talk, I don’t think it serves you well.

Need proof? Check this out.

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Shirtless Robert Pattinson – Hell Yeah!

I’ve made mention of him before, I watched Twilight expecting the movie to basically suck because of all of the horrible reviews. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how hypnotic he was, the big question mark I had about his “hotness” was washed away by his brooding sexiness on the screen. 

Well, now you get to see a little bit more of him – and he looks good! I’m curious though, does he have Mariah’s (body) make-up artist for this scene? 

Robert Pattinson ShirtlessSee more here.

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McDreamy Is Indeed Dreamy

Patrick Dempsey, McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy used to be a movie actor – I say that because he’s had a huge career before his most recent resurgence on TV and some people might not know that.

Anyway, there are some nude stills from a movie he did back when in 1988, called Some Girls. Below is one of those pics. 

Patrick Dempsey Nude

Check out more here

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Jessica Biel Could Turn This Gay Man Straight

Check out this hot-assed scene from the movie Powder Blue, where Jessica Biel plays a stripper. I gotta say, aside from the whole flesh-baring part, the loneliness and sadness in her eyes is just remarkable. Kudos Jessica!

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Robert Pattinson Gets Even Hotter

Yup, that’s possible. I have to be honest and say that I didn’t get his appeal, to me he kind of always looks like one of those guys that rolled out of an alley, but then I watched Twilight. I then understood his appeal, there was just something about his calm, brooding demeanor, coupled with that pale skin – totally sexy and not teenie-bopper at all. 

Well now he takes it to the next level in my eyes by doing a movie about Salvador Dali – check out this hot scene. Not hot in a trashy way, hot in a “that scene is amazing and sexy” kind of way.

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Dear Zac Efron…

Please do this more, you look very very good this way. 

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Adam Lambert Looks Good Without A Shirt

For all of you Adam Lambert fans out there, I give you this. 



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Patriotism Is Hot!

So, was over at Queerty checking out what’s going on with the important gay stuff and look what I found, Ellis McReadie! And while it’s soooo not important, people can appreciate the flag underwear right? Check out even more pics here. And here


My country, ’tis of thee…

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Guys With iPhones – A Call You Would Likely Answer!

So, I had this site sent to me where guys basically take pictures of themselves with iPhones. Most of them are in a state of undress, some are “saluting” and others are more modest. 

Here’s a sample, but most of the others are NSFW – so don’t be trying to take a coffee “break” and check out this “technology” site while working for the man. OK? 


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A Hot Nike “Free” Ad

Free indeed, free of body fat and free of the confines that clothing provides. I like. 

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Sweden’s Got Talent – Oh Yes They Do!

Four hot guys, nothing but a plate covering them. Now that’s some pure talent to me! 

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Marco Dapper Can Also Help You With Your Car

He’s very helpful, isn’t he? Check out more pics here, some I haven’t ever seen before. 


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Novak Djokovic In Playgirl?

OK, let’s be honest: I have no idea who he is. I know he plays tennis and I’m sure I could learn a bunch about him if I wanted. But what I do know is that I’m fully supportive of his decision to pose in Playgirl. Anyone agree?

novak-djokovicSee more evidence here

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David Beckham’s “Aura” Is Pure Sizzle

Here’s David Beckham’s new Motorola Aura ad, it’s a little bit cyborg and a whole lot of sexy. Enjoy.

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Guess Who, Guess Who

Can you guess? It might not be difficult, but it’s sure fun seeing how much he’s changed over the years – and don’t look at the tags cheaters!




See more pics of him here



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