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Ben Affleck Has Been Hitting the Gym – Damn!

Holy hell, look at my celebrity twin and his body. I know, we’re not twins. Damn!

This is a still from his next movie called The Town. Watch the trailer and read the synopsis after the jump.

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Lindsay Lohan, This Judge Ain’t Playin’

Today, Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days jail and 90 days of inpatient rehab. Watching the video makes me feel sad – not sad for woman who has repeatedly made a mockery of the justice system (intentionally or not), but sad for how delusional she must be to think the sentencing is unfair. It also makes me sad when a human being’s disease, circumstances with how they were brought up, whatever their motivation for delusions, prevents them from being able to accept responsibility for his or her behavior. In watching the video, you realize that she is a human being with a heart and soul, but you also feel sorry for her because she seemed to truly not expect this.

Above all of those things though, I feel glad that perhaps this woman will be saved from herself, that she will realize there are consequences for her chosen actions, and hopefully it’ll scare the living shit right out of her and she can go on to have a fruitful career that seemed inevitable just ten years ago. I caught “Freaky Friday” the other night on cable, and I have to say that she really is talented – I know it sounds funny to reference a relatively light Disney film, but I could easily reference “Mean Girls”, “Georgia Rule”, or even “A Prairie Home Companion”.

[redlasso id=”07411306-96ba-4549-a108-8461ee130da2″]
Kudos to the judge for laying down the law and not taking any of these Hollywood spin machine excuses. Makes us believe that celebrities could be one of us too.

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Paranormal Activity 2 – Trailer Is Up!

When I watched “Paranormal Activity“, I was expecting something like “The Blair Witch Project” where the slow build of suspense kind of terrified you more than any effects ever could. Well, I would say that it was hugely successful in doing so.

The continuation is upon us  and if it keeps the same rawness that the first picture had, it too could be scary in that simplest of ways.

As a little side note, did you know that the first film only cost around $15,000 but made over $200 million? Holy hell, that’s a great ROI.

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MacGruber Movie? Lame

Check out the trailer for the full-length movie of MacGruber from SNL. I’m kind of in shock that it’s real, I actually half expected a joke when I hit play. It has some adult content so you have to input your date of birth, I know, it’s asking a lot.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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This Kinda Looks ‘Kick Ass’

A twisted, funny, high-octane adventure, director Matthew Vaughn brings KICK-ASS to the big screen. KICK-ASS tells the story of average teenager Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson), a comic-book fanboy who decides to take his obsession as inspiration to become a real-life superhero. As any good superhero would, he chooses a new name — Kick-Ass — assembles a suit and mask to wear, and gets to work fighting crime. The trailer is pretty damned funny, enjoy!

Release Date: 4/16/10

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Sandra Bullocks Wants to F Meryl Streep

So, maybe that’s not entirely true. Ok, maybe that’s not even a little bit true but still, it’s a pleasant thought as they’re both hotties and just lovely actresses, right? I mean, Sandra in 28 Days and most recently The Blind Side, and Meryl in…well, just about anything.

Here they are recently at the Critics Awards or something like that and a little hot-pocketing took place. After the jump, check out a scene from 28 Days, a great film.

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‘2012’ Looks Like Fun – Not

The movie isn’t of interest to me, like I need additional disasters to have nightmares about. However, the special effects are interesting and this little video shows a glimpse of how they made the devastating scenes come to life.

What do you think will happen in the year 2012? A shift in consciousness, huge catastrophes, or a few new Starbucks blends?

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Dear Christian Bale: Please Don’t Fight The Hotness

Christian Bale The MachinistYou might remember when Christian Bale played in The Machinist, he lost about 60+ lbs. to play a crackhead. I use the term crackhead as an all-inclusive term.

Well, playing a crackhead seems to pay quite well because he’s at it again. In his new movie that he’s filming, The Fighter, he plays a boxer turned trainer, turned drug addict named Dickie Eklund. (source: Just Jared)

Christian Bale Skinny

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I Want To See ‘Jennifer’s Body’ – Do You?

The movie’s coming out in September and it stars Megan Fox, and as everyone would probably agree, her name is very fitting. Another thing to note is that this flick was written by Diablo Cody, and she also wrote Juno.

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‘The Invention of Lying’ Trailer – It Looks Great!

I have to confess, I have a sort of crush on Jennifer Garner – always have. She’s that girl you want to know, yet she’s oddly sexy. Not as in odd, just sexy in a way I can’t quite pinpoint. I think it’s her sense of humor. Anyway, here’s the trailer and it has Ricky Gervais in it and the storyline is quite unique. I’m intrigued!

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Don’t Push The Button – Do Push The Button! ‘The Box’ Trailer Arrives

The new movie coming out this fall with Cameron Diaz and James Marsden is called The Box, and the trailer just arrived.

In short, it appears to be about a desperate couple receiving a box and if they push the button, someone in the world will die, but they will get a million bucks. Of course, it’s not that simple.

Have a gander.

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Ashton Kutcher Gets Nekkid in ‘Spread’

Ashton Kutcher has a new flick coming out called Spread, and it seems as though his career is starting to go in a naked pattern – and who am I to complain? I think he’s going for the next world playboy-meets-action hero, kind of like a young James Bond before he put his prowess to international good use. After watching the trailer, I wonder if it’s just another standard romantic comedy where the bad boy gets the tables turned, falls in love, blah blah blah.

Anywhere, here’s a pic from the film and you can find more located here.

Ashton Kutcher Naked in Spread MovieWatch the trailer after the jump! Continue reading

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Shia LeBeouf Gets Hotter With Age

Here he is on Jimmy Kimmel promoting that Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen movie or something like that…I think it might even have some hot girl in it. Ha. Megan Fox crosses all gay and straight bounderies.

Anyway, check the interview. Shia in a suit, works for me.

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Bruno Gets Sassy with Conan O’Brien

This is some funny shit. Watch Bruno get naughty with Conan O’Brien during his interview. Hysterical! Watch after the jump. Continue reading

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Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland – New Johnny Depp Pic!

It doesn’t come out until next year, but feast your eyes on the latest three pictures to surface from Tim Burton’s update of Alice in Wonderland. You know that’s going to be some visually messed up shit! In a good way of course. Btw, did anyone like the Willy Wonka/Charlie in the Chocolate Factory update? 

Johnny Depp Mad Hatter New<———–Elijah Wood anyone? Eek!    

Helena Bonham Carter in Alice in Wonderland<————-Off with their heads! (Helena Bonham Carter)

 Anne Hathaway Alice in Wonderland as White Queen
Anne Hathaway, she’s um, er, the White Queen.

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