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Listen to This: V.V. Brown

I’m not sure how I stumbled across her, but I did and I’m glad for it. Her music reminds me of a combination of the Shirelles, Duffy, and pretty much any retro-type British artist, but with a distinctive quality that I can’t quite put my finger on.

Most people know her for “Shark in the Water”, a song that seemed to introduce her to the masses. Anyway, listen to this track below and tell me you don’t dig it.

Performing “Back in Time” live, and I love it!

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Listen To This: Jimmy Gnecco

Sometimes when I go onto iTunes and look at the home page of new music releases, I give a sample listen to what’s new – yes, my opinions are directed by “the man”. Often times, I just skip it all but occasionally, I stumble across something that instantly hits me, and that’s what happened with this new release.

I know nothing of Jimmy Gnecco, he could be a Disney child for all I know – but the music grabbed me, the accoustic sounds, the aching voice, and heartbreaking melodies. This is when I feel compelled to buy, similar to how I’ve felt about Damien Rice, Amy MacDonald, and even Rachael Yamagata. Here’s one of the tracks that I randomly chose.

Of course, he’s not from the Disney factory and here’s a little more information about him.

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New Gaga – Thoughts?

I feel like it’s very similar to “Speechless” and I’m not sure I love it. However, I find Gaga’s music to be a tad bit boring, especially compared to her performance art, visuals, etc.

Have a listen, let me know what you think.

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Kylie Is ‘Aphrodite’ and Hopes to “Break” America – Will She?

I’ve been listening to Kylie’s new release for about a week now and I really think it has potential.  If you listen closely (or even if you don’t), you will very likely hear the influence of Stuart Price, Madonna’s collaborator for “Confessions On A Dancefloor”. Yes, he’s done much more than that but he wasn’t on many people’s radar until then. Anyway, I digress. Check out this little megamix of Kylie’s new album, “Aphrodite“.

Standout tracks for me include, “Cupid Boy”  and “Aphrodite”. Overall, it’s nice and mindless dance music – that’s all you really want from Kylie right?

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Getting To Know Ke$ha

When I first heard “Tik Tok”, I thought, “Ok, this is pretty catchy – let me check the video.” Once I saw the video, I thought, “Interesting, this girl could really strike a nerve with the disposable pop market, but does she have more?” Then I heard “Blah Blah Blah” (she’s filming the video now for it as the 2nd release) and I thought, “Again, disposable but catchy as hell – two hot songs off a debut track plus an image that’s quite marketable, hmmm…” But then I heard the album about a month in advance and there are about 5-6 possible hits, I think we could have a new pop star – let’s see if she can deepen her image now and make herself not only marketable but also credible as well. I love that she was on Flo Rida’s “Right Round” but didn’t get paid and also declined to be part of the video, she said no. I like that she’s pretty forthcoming about her message and her struggles, and I most of all like that she appears to be in on the joke, if that makes sense.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with my entire timeline of thoughts about her and perhaps you don’t give this kind of thought to a new artist breaking into the market, but it’s something I’ve been doing since I was in high school, so indulge me if you would. This all leads to an interesting interview that she gave, and I’m including a few highlights (or factoids) below and here is a link for the full interview:

  • She was on The Simple Life with Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton because the producers were looking for a highly eccentric family and her family won out.
  • While they were at her home, her demo tape had made its way to Dr Luke, the Swedish songwriter behind hits for Kelly Clarkson (Since U Been Gone), Katy Perry (I Kissed a Girl) and Pink (Who Knew). He called the Kesha’s house at the worst time possible – a petulant pre-motherhood Nicole Richie answered. “She hung up on him,” Ke$ha recalls. “She said ‘Oh, it was just some guy’. Thank God he called back. She could have ruined everything, that bitch! Luckily she didn’t.”
  • She once puked in Paris’ closet at a party.
  • She sang back-up for Britney Spears, but I’m not sure of the track.
  • She was in Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” video.

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Why People (Might) Hate John Mayer

John MayerNo, it’s not because of his music so much…although I haven’t personally ever been drawn to it. It’s not because he’s unattractive because he’s quite easy on the eyes – and I would venture to even say that he’s smart, cerebral even. But then he turns around and gives an interview like this, you know, cause he’s being funny. Or maybe just an asshole. What do you think?

What do you think about health care? Would you take the public option?

Have you ever heard me play guitar? I’m really fucking good. You know what I’m bad at? Answering questions about public health care. This is not in my wheelhouse. Do you have any questions about music? I almost got a mad need to lighten up. You need to lighten up, because the questions you asked me were all trouble-making questions. If someone gave me the Nobel Peace Prize, and I didn’t deserve it, I would just shut my mouth and enjoy the hell out of it.

Which I’m sure he’s doing.
What’s he going to do, send it back? It’s like I’m getting a wrongful bulge in my pants and everyone’s thinking I’ve got a nine-inch cock. I’m not going to argue with them, I’m going to let them think I have a nine-inch cock.”

How about a style question?
“Yes, this seems to be apropos. Do you get paid for this?”

I do it more for fun.
“You do this for fun? That’s like me saying … never mind.”

What do you think about guys with seventies mustaches?
“I don’t give a fuck about who wears their face what way. If I could grow a beard, I’d have some nutty things going on on my face.”

You can’t grow a beard?
“It’s a pituitary thing. I know you’re not that much of a moron.

These are questions my editor wanted me to ask. I’m trying to build my journalistic career here.
“You’re not building a journalistic career. You’re making yourself look like a moron and you’re not a moron. Who’s your editor?”

“Jada is making you sound like a moron in front of people.”

Why don’t you tell me about your new album? You’ve been in the studio for a while.
“I have a record coming out November 17.”

Any particular theme or inspiration behind this one that makes it different from previous albums?
“Look what we’re doing right now! We’re connecting right now! This is great! Yeah, it’s going to be quite melodically bright, but the themes are all about heartbreak.”

Check out more of his interview fuckery and his “Who Says” video after the jump.

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Madonna Rehearses in Budapest, Gives Fans a Treat

Check out the videos of Madonna rehearsing in Budapest and then getting up close and personal with some lucky fans who got “Golden Circle” tickets and got to listen to the sound check. So cool.

Btw, she’s almost finished with this tour and she’ll have the biggest concert tour EVER by a solo artist. Yeah, that’s HUGE. All she has left for dates are:

24 Aug – Belgrade
26 Aug – Bucharest
29 Aug – Sofia
01 Sep – Tel Aviv
02 Sep – Tel Aviv

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Sunday Morning Music – Kate Earl

So I picked up this “CD” a week or two ago and I have to say, I’m really loving it. As with most albums, there’s a track that sucks you in and you just know you have to have the rest right? Sometimes you’re disappointed and you realize that there was an obvious reason why they released that single, but sometimes you realize that song is just the tip of a sonic iceberg. That’s how I feel about this artist, Kate Earl.

You can pick up the release here if you enjoy the song below.

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Hey Everyone, Lady Gaga is an “Artiste” – Get It Right

Check out this Lady Gaga in an interview in Malta where she says that she’s always held a special place in her heart for the Maltese people. However, they didn’t really know who she was, despite making her records number one. So, I think as most logical people would surmise, it’s probably best to show up to a press conference with your face covered in a pseudo-welder’s mask. Um, um, it’s art. I must remember, IT’S ART people! Don’t be so pedestrian.

Watch below if you can handle the pretense and then for giggles, listen to the CD “The Fame” and see if you feel a slight disconnect between the art she perceives to represent and the art she puts on her record.

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One of Madonna’s Earliest Performances Ever, 1982!

I might have posted this a while back but come on, how can you not love it? Here she sings “Everybody” and make sure to enjoy the early 80’s fashion. 

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Adam Lambert Likes “The Top” & Snaps Back At Clay Aiken

The top bunk, wink wink. Hysterical though! If the video isn’t appearing, argh, then click here to see it. And check out this little quote from Adam, whom I think is fantastic, about Clay Aiken: 

“I don’t know Clay,” Lambert told Access Hollywood Thursday. “I’m glad he’s getting headlines now though, because he wasn’t before.” “If he wants to ride my coattails about it, good for him,” Lambert said before giving Aiken a thumbs-up sign. SNAP!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Adam Lambert Likes “The Top”“, posted with vodpod

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Lady Gaga – Is She The New Madonna?

In my opinion, no! However, I would say that Lady Gaga is an interesting pop artist. She can sing, she has vision, she has courage, and she has style. Is she closer to Madonna than say, Britney Spears? Um, hell to the yes!

My thoughts on her are a bit forever tainted by my first experience seeing her live – I rarely hold a grudge, but I guess I find her music to be mediocre and not nearly living up to her “artistic vision” that she sees for herself. Having said that, the label might have her by the balls on this first major release, so I might be curious about the next one now that she’s proven herself and bankable artist on the roster.

Lady Gaga Latex

In the meantime, check out this interesting article on her – it’s pretty interesting.

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Beyonce Talks ‘Ego’

I think the video is a metaphor for a big cock, is it not? Or maybe just swagger, who knows. Looks like “Single Ladies” part two kind of huh?

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Vintage Adam Lambert: “Is Anyone Listening” and “Crazy”

Check out this performance from the Ten Commandments Musical:

Wait, check out this other video of him performing “Crazy” at a benefit, after the jump. Continue reading

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P!nk Hits The States – My Wish Has Been Granted

I’m so excited because P!nk is hitting the states with her “Funhouse” tour, and more importantly, she’s coming to Seattle. I’ve been wanting to see her FOREVER so I’m elated. 

Check here to see when she might be coming to your neighborhood. 

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