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Vintage Susan Boyle

Here she is performing some Jesus Christ Superstar song. The video is pretty grainy and it looks like her perm is super-tight, but it’s still a glimpse into the musical prowess that the rest of the world is now discovering. 

Watch it here

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Madonna Working On New Tracks

Madonna has recorded two new tracks with dance producer Paul Oakenfold. The singer has scheduled two weeks of studio time to record new material for her upcoming greatest hits collection, according to her publicist Guy Oseary. 

‘Had a good day with Madonna in the studio yesterday,’ Oseary wrote on her website. ‘She worked on an amazing dance track with Paul Oakenfold producing – no title yet but will keep you posted. She also started a second one, so we are hoping to have two tracks done this week.’ ‘Next week she is working with another producer on one more track. Two of the tracks from these sessions will be on the Greatest Hits album.’

Madonna’s upcoming collection will mark her final album with Warner Records after she reportedly signed a $120 million (£86.6m) deal with concert promoter Live Nation.

From Digital Spy via Madonnalicious.

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Listen To This: Asher Roth

asher-roth-toiletAs Entertainment Weekly says, “What if Eminem pursued a degree in elementary education, popped his collar, and liked his parents?”

His new release, Asleep In The Bread Aisle, dropped yesterday and I’m listening to it right now, giving it a go – he’s very Eminem isn’t he? I guess it’s just more in his wordplay. 

The jury’s out, but the rest of the disc is better than his “I Love College” song.

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Beyonce Hits The Road With Her “I…Am” Tour

Here is a full list of the tour dates:

Jun 21: New York City, NY (Madison Square Garden)
Jun 24: Washington DC (Verizon Center)
Jun 26: Philadelphia, PA (Wachovia Center)
Jun 27: Greensboro, NC (Greensboro Coliseum Complex)
Jun 29: Ft Lauderdale, FL (Bank Atlantic Center)
Jul 1: Atlanta, GA (Philips Arena)
Jul 3: New Orleans, LA (Superdome — Essence Music Festival)
Jul 4: Houston, TX (Toyota Center)
Jul 5: Dallas, TX    (American Airlines Center)
Jul 7: Phoenix, AZ (US Airways Center)
Jul 9: Sacramento, CA (Arco Arena)
Jul 10: Oakland, CA (Oracle Arena)
Jul 11: Anaheim, CA (Honda Center)
Jul 13: Los Angeles, CA (Staples Center)
Jul 16: Minneapolis, MN (Target Center)
Jul 17: Chicago, IL (United Center)
Jul 18: Detroit, MI (Palace of Auburn Hills)
Jul 23: Uncasville, CT (Mohegan Sun)
Jul 30: Las Vegas, NV (Encore Theater, Wynn Las Vegas)
Jul 31: Las Vegas, NV (Encore Theater, Wynn Las Vegas)
Aug 1: Las Vegas, NV (Encore Theater, Wynn Las Vegas)
Aug 2: Las Vegas, NV (Encore Theatre, Wynn Las Vegas)

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Heidi Montag,This Song Isn’t Half Bad

Heidi Montag has released another song, and this one is called “Black Out”. Apparently it was co-written by Cathy Dennis, remember “C’Mon And Get My Love“? Now that was a hot song for the time, and I still dig it. 

Anyway, I gotta say it’s pretty catchy and you know, at least she’s trying! Yes, her man plays a total douche on TV which makes her seem like a dumb bitch, but those are just characters. (I hope)

So I say, good for you Heidi! 

Listen to “Black Out” after the jump. Continue reading

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Pink Sings “Ave Mary A”

Here’s a video of P!nk performing her song “Ave Mary A”, my favorite track off her new album Funhouse. It’s a must-see.

Pink, come to America – we love you here too! 

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Kanye West Is ‘Complex’


Aside from him finding creative ways to talk about his greatness, this is a different kind of interview – down and dirty, if you will.

Check out the Complex interview and look at the accompanying pics – they are hot, I gotta say.

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Space Doo Doo Pistols?!!

Because I think Tracy Morgan is one crazy bitch, love  him, and I think that he is totally channeling a certain zany rapper: Doctor Octagon, and I love that, and he will  be on SNL tonight, I thought I would post a few things to get us in the mood!

Listen you will understand:

and obviously!:

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Britney Spears Circus Tour Review – Nassau Coliseum

This review feels almost like I wrote it, because it’s exactly what I think about when I muse about Britney’s shows. I have a friend or two that can’t wait to go, but I think I would just feel really stupid sitting in the audience and watching someone mime from the beginning of the show to the end. Is she embarrassed when she makes eye contact with the fans in the front row, do the musicians feel stupid, how do they do sound checks? Does anyone tell Britney that she should probably dance less and just sing? All of these questions pop into my mind. 

Here’s the most relevant part of the review, in my opinion:

Britney Spears must make other pop singers angry.

Beyonce, Pink, Justin … none of them would dare use pre-recorded vocals during their live shows, despite the complex choreography of their performances.

Madonna (um, hardly at all actually, I’ve been there) and Janet are guilty of using backing tracks to carry some of vocal weight, but certainly not all of it. Hell, even the Pussycat Dolls sing live.

But Britney? She is, and always has been, about blatant, unapologetic lip-synching. Case in point: at the New York stop of her anticipated comeback tour, Spears used her actual vocal chords only three times – twice to thank the crowd, and once to sing a ballad (though the vocals during that number were questionable, as well). Even the spoken bits in the show came from a DAT. Somewhere, Ashlee Simpson has a dartboard with Brit’s face square in the bull’s-eye.

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Rock the Vote – Kid’s Choice Awards

Now I don’t support the Kid’s Choice Awards b/c I think they are a little too raunchy for my Dora the Explora’ niece to be all into, but I do think we should all take the time to vote for Chris Brown as our Favorite Male Singer!  20090306-chris_brown_top1

WTF? Hasn’t he gotten got yet? 
-Don’t get loud with me, Jay-Z said it!

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No Coachella For Winehouse – Bees Get Hit By Housing Woes

amy-winehouse-beforeSadness for fans, if you wanted to hear her perform or better yet, see the non-prescription drug shimmy.

British singer Amy Winehouse will not get a work visa to travel to the United States in time to perform at a leading music festival because she was charged with assault last week, her spokesman said on Monday.

Winehouse, 25, had been expected to perform at the annual Coachella festival in California, where she was due to join acts including Paul McCartney and The Killers. According to the festival website, she was down to sing on April 18.

Perhaps for future performances she could learn the art of shimmying, as provided by this site here. I personally would like to see the “snake arms”:

Snake Arms:
This slithering arm movement represents the power, mysticism, and symbolism of belly dancing. It is a reverse sequential movement similar to “the wave” in break-dancing that strengthens and tones the arms and shoulder muscles.

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Guiltiest Pleasure of All…

It was way better in HD, but even still these kids just make me want to bust out The Carlton all over this traila’.

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Maybe, The Circus Ringleader…?

The Pussycat Dolls were lookin’ goode in New Orleans:

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Morning Sunshine!

This little ditty has been flittering around in my head for the past few days,  it makes me skip a little when I walk! Anyway, if this song doesn’t make you smile, then I  believe you just might be dead inside! Enjoy some Matt Costa:

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Listen To This: Amy MacDonald

I was in a store a few weeks ago and I heard a song that moved me – I can’t even remember which song it was, but I know the feeling of the music and lyrics compelled me to capture it on my Shazam application on my iPhone. Lord, I sound like such an Apple lemming don’t I? 


But back to the find, her name is Amy MacDonald and her latest (“This Is The Life”) has been out since late 2007. Sometimes new stuff takes time to be found but no matter, it was new and inspiring to me. Oh yeah, the song is “Run” and you can hear it down below. 

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